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Best center speaker for under $100?

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Hey guys, new to the forum.

My current setup is
Reciever -Sony STR-DE597 (Older but still works great)

Two 120 Watt Insignia Bookshelf for the fronts

Two Polk OWM-3 in the rear

A $5 KLH center speaker I got for free

A Martin Logan Dynamo 300 Sub.

I'm looking to get a decent center speaker, but am not too up to date on what is on the market right now. I was looking at the Polk CS180 since I can pick one up for $60, but was wondering if you guys had any other opinions?
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My opinion is that you should have 3 front speakers that match. Polks and Insignia dont' sound the same. If you really like your Insignia speakers then buy another pair and use one as the center speaker.
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