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Onkyo TX-NR515/616 or Denon AVR 1613/1713

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Hey Guys,
I have read and read about these models, and D-day is upon us. The sales are starting and it's time to make up my mind already. The 515 and 616 can be had for $300 and $350 respectively through Amazon. The 1613 and 1713 will be $270 and $350 through Denon starting tomorrow. It seems the Onkyo's have more features, but are we around the corner on this firmware issue? Are we convinced it's firmware and not a cover for hardware? Are these models running hot like the previous years?

It seems the only main advantage the Denons have is multeq ve the 2eq on the onkyos. And airplay, but I have apple tv already. Denon seems to be more reliable of late.

What do I do? I'm to the point of flipping coins.

Thanks for the input, Happy Thanksgiving

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Hey, Joe, sounds like I'm pretty much in the same boat your are. The NR515 has a superior GUI it seems (Denon's looks like crap) and since I already have an Apple TV, I don't really need airplay. However, if the NR515 is going to go flake on me and only last a few months...well I don't want to deal with that.

The only thing (other than the sketchy QC at Onkyo) is I really dislike the front display (green with volume numbers instead of -dB)--uggh. Putting in a cabinet with an IR extender will alleviate that I suppose.

Any other cons to the Denon that you've found other than the uninteresting GUI?

PS - When Did Denon have the 1613 on sale for $280??
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Note that 2EQ on the Onkyo's cannot EQ a subwoofer and also that the 1713 offers the even more advanced version of MultEQ XT over MultEQ on the 1613 and also features Zone 2 pre-outs should you ever want to connect another set of speakers on your back deck/patio or use wireless headphones while the AVR is in use in the main zone.
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True on the Denon EQ and the second zone, but the Onkyo 515 also 2nd zone and a 2nd HDMI out, plus 8 HDMI inputs. I don't have a great sub so I think I can probably dial in the gain to be sufficient.
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It's not the gain that matters ... it's the EQ which you cannot "dial in". Go for the Onkyo for features and the Denon for better audio fidelity, whichever you prefer.
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