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So I own a Onkyo tx-nr809 and was going to sell it since I just picked up a Marantz sr7005.

My local Best Buy had one display model left and sold it to me for $750+tax. They provided with me with a remote but its the remote for the sr7007 and all the functions will not work. I called them and they said that they would order me the correct one. Then a few days later said they could not get one but i could just keep the sr7007 remote. I asked if they would give me further discount since no remote and they said no. The correct remote will cost me around $80.

My question is was this a good buy even with no remote and is this receiver that much better then my Onkyo? Basically should i just take the Marantz back and keep my Onkyo or invest more money and buy a remote? I'm somewhat torn...

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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Basically the same thing happened to me. Same price for a 7005 display unit and they gave me a remote for a 7007. I found one on ebay for $35 that looks like it hasn't been used.
I remember seeing another one on ebay but I don't know if it's still there. $750 is a killer price for a 7005 if it's in perfect condition like mine is. You still get the three year warranty.
I bought the Marantz while my Onkyo was having the HDMI board replaced. I was going to sell the 807 but decided to give it to my son instead. I really like the 7005 better than
I did the Onkyo. Your call on which way you want to go but check ebay for a remote. Still, $80 for a remote still makes the price really good for the 7005.
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I came up dry on ebay.
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Thanks for your input, I was having some serious doubts on my purchase. It was an impulse buy, I'm far from an expert on home audio stuff that's why I wanted some feedback before I packed this thing up and took it back.

Yeah I've searched ebay several times with no luck.
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They are $1,250 on amazon and $950 for a refurb with only a one year warranty. For $750 it's a great price. Of course it's still your call on which way you want to swing.
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Yeah today I put in "pure direct" and cranked up my DCM26 speakers Ive had for 10 years and put the volume on 0.0 and it sounded awesome. It made me wanna keep it.

I'm trying to decide if I wanna pull the trigger on some new floor standing speakers or possibly just a nice powered subwoofer. The DCM's are nothing special but they sound good to me. But I've never had anything else.
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