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Toshiba 65ht2u - problems using it as a monitor.

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I took care of the problem already, and it was a little frustrating. I bought the TV for $600, brought it home, hooked it up to my computer via VGA and got 'no supported signal' or something to that effect. I rebooted and windows automatically adjusted it to 1280x768. I could get it to work on 1280x768 and lower but nothing higher. I saw one other person on the internet and he was having the same problem with no fix. I went and bought a DVI to HDMI adapter and cable, upon hooking it up I could switch to 1080 no problem.

Everything was going well and then I noticed the start menu was half missing off the screen. I knew it was an overscan problem and I determined one of two ways to fix it. The easiest and best way on this TV (and most others) is to simply switch through the screen settings. One of them will likely be a 1:1 pixel setting without overscan. In my case, I believe it was 'native'. If you have a PC in that works (dumb toshiba haha) then you would likely automatically have this set when you plug it in. If you use a DVI/HDMI and it doesn't do it automatically, some TVs have a PC option in the menu. If that doesn't work then your other option is to get the driver software from your respective company (probably nvidia or radeon) and install it. There is an option to adjust the overscan there.

Finally, I realized that the PC in has a sound input, but not the HDMI's. After reading the manual (who knew they information in there?) I saw that the HDMI 1 is actually connected to the PC in audio jack. My cable isn't long enough until my new wall mount gets here, so I haven't tried it yet.

I was worried about it not working with the PC when I got it, and hopefully someone will find this in the future when dealing with this tv and it will help them fix their issues more confidently.

I am very happy with the TV as a monitor at this point.
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Have U done your research before buying that particular TV? My wife wants to get 32" TV to use at work where she can compare 2 pages of the document simultaneously. Given coming Black Friday can someone suggest 32" 1080 TV that would work as a monitor? My understanding - as long as it has HDMI or DVI input she should be fine?
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I had done research on the 65" Toshiba, yes. At $800, I decided to do the $688 blitz 60" vizio. Once I had the opportunity for the 65" at $600, I couldn't pass it up. That is half price. Wal-Mart.com has quite a few TVs for about $200 that are 32" and 1080p and they all come with free shipping. You can get a 42" for $350.
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