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I have a HK avr 7000 I just picked up.

Now in the stereo and 3 ch stereo modes it works fine.
However in any other mode, like Hall1 or 2 etc etc the right channel is about 20db below the left, and needless to say, the rear channels do not make a sound.

However if I send input in the 6 channel inputs, it works great.

There is also 1 more weird issue -

The headphones make no sound, and more importantly the display starts flashing "HE" when the headphones are plugged in and goes back and back to the tuned frequency on the tuner - repeatedly in rapid succession.

I think its related to the problems of this amp.

Has anyone worked on this amp and had these issues. What could it be.
I've got the manuals etc, and the block diagram suggests it may be the input board. Or the DSP board ?