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I've spent some time scouring Amazon and Ebay for just the right stand and bought this one and assembled it tonight. Couldn't be happier. Kinda sucked that it didn't come up earlier in the search results and I was lucky there was a review on another site with images which sold me on it. Dunno why manufacturers don't provide that info themselves. Least my search is over.

Not connected to the manufacturer, just happy to find a stand that fit nicely with my 59" plasma and my speakers since my install location was somewhat limited. I have a back light on my TV so having a stand the width of the TV left less room for light to show the stuff behind my TV. Half way pondering making up some square frames of black fabric to take up the space next to the center channel.

Took a few tweaks to assemble solid which I put in my review on Amazon. Price was right too along with Prime shipping.

Hope this sheds some light if someone's lookin.