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Star Citizen

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Since this game has been funded, I was just wondering if any one else contributed and what your thoughts on the project are. Personally, I probably spent way too much money on the game being its still at least two years out, however, I really want this genre to come back with a vengeance. . . smile.gif


Shameless referral plug: http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/?rid=18939 Mods please remove if inappropriate.
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I think it looks incredible and I'm excited for it to come out. 2+ years and being unemployed was a little too much for me to spend though.
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The art style is the only thing that bother me about it so far, like the fighter plane they show has all the sleekness of a Cessna civilian airplane. I'll rather have a F-29/Su-27 inspired ship. It is pre-alpha, but they appear to have spent a lot of time on it. Theres flaps on it right? Maybe we're meant to travel through atmospheres? One thing i do love is the detail the game is apparently going for.
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Wow man I never heard of this! They've raised tons of money, too. It looks very impressive. I played all of the Wing Commander games back in the day, even Wing Commander 3 on Panasonic 3DO! Seems if anyone can pull this off it is Chris Roberts. I hope this thing is a huge success. I may just have to throw some money his way just to support the PC development front. Thanks for posting the info.
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In case anyone is still interested in pledging, there will be a grace period through this weekend which will let you jump on board at the original prices and all the perks including lifetime insurance. A letter from the man himself:

I’m sorry to see that people got confused, but it understandable with all the craziness at the end of the campaign.

The concept of the grace period was that anyone that was already a member on the RSI site BEFORE the campaign ended would have a grace period to pledge (there are quite a few members that haven’t pledged) or buy the limited tiers add-ons at the original prices including all the benefits of being an initial backer like lifetime insurance.

There was a brief period where the web guys had switched to the new pricing structure before the check against existing members was put in place so it is possible you paid the new prices for a tier / ship. If this happened to you please email sandi@cloudimperiumgames.com

If you weren’t a member of RSI before the campaign ended under the current policy you are meant to pay to the higher amounts and not get the same benefit as the early pledgers.

BUT as it looks like people didn’t realize this, I don’t like punishing anyone that is kind enough to back this project and I don’t think the community will mind I’m going to make lifetime insurance apply to EVERYBODY that buys a ship through this weekend until Monday morning. I’ve also asked the web guys to remove the existing member check so everyone will get the initial prices, but as its Thanksgiving today this wont happen until tomorrow. What we will do for everyone that had pledged at the higher prices this week is give them the balance as a credit that can be applied to other packages or add-ons.

We’re building the backend and an interface for this which it will take a while to implement as this is non trivial. We need it for all the Kickstarter members so they can specify their add-ons if they added on funds above the base tier. This should also allow you to adjust your packages and tiers if you so desire. Any surplus in monies will be a credit for you to apply to current add-ons or any future ones (like mugs, bomber jackets etc.)

I hope this helps out / clears things up,

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Full five minute Trailer for Squadron 42:

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Hello everyone,

I haven't posted about this game in awhile but it just recent'y surpassed $37 million in funds raised. Anyway, if anyone has backed and is looking for a guild, I found a great bunch of guys and gals. We are still recruiting so I thought I would throw our name out there:

Name: DarkStar Squadron Tag: [DSS]
Site: http://www.darkstarsquadron.com
Time Zones: Global, U.S. Europe, Asia, Australia, Any & All welcome
Guild Types: Bounty Hunting, Exploration, Freelancing/Mercenary, Logistics (refueling, mining), Militaristic/Security, Privateering, Smuggling, Trade,
Roleplay Alignments: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral
Recruitment Thread: http://www.darkstarsquadron.com/login/do/register
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/darkstarsquadron
RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DSS
Voice Communications: Mumble and Ventrilo
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Yep, I'm a veteran backer. Got an Origin 325A, A Retaliator Heavy Bomber, and soon a Xi'An Scout. I had a buddy pick it up for me with LTI and I'm paying him back for it. Can't wait for the Retaliator model to be in the hangar module lol

Already in an Organization though
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