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Black Friday Shopping Receiver

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hey iv been waiting to get a receiver for our living room with the monitor audio silver line. I am looking for a receiver around the 1000 range. was looking at the denon 3313. wanted to know what other receiver you guys would recommend and opinions.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving smile.gif
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onkyo 818!
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Also in the same price range. Wasn't really ready to go the receiver for the holiday but some of thee online deals are really good.

I have my eye on the 3312, Marantz, Avantage and NAD all on the radar. I'm a little late to the game and am looking for any consolidated list out there for "deals" on high end receivers.

So far the best I've seen is the 3313 over on Amazon and the Yamaha deal:

The Yamaha RX-V671 under $300.

And then there is the last years model on Denon 3312: http://www.amazon.com/Denon-AVR3312CI-Integrated-Surround-Receiver/dp/B004Z50L6E
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It's under your price range, but I'm going with the pioneer sc-1222k from newegg. It's normally 1100 ad on sale for 599.

Big 4 ohm certified class d amps and a great app and tech features. I chose it over the 3312

The sc-1222k is the same as the sc-61, it's just not branded as "elite". They are mechanically identical as far as I know. And the class d amps tested very well on bench tests.
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wow thats a good deal ill look into that.
between the 3313, sc-65 and the marantz 6007 what are your opinions?
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Not sure on the Pioneer, recently I've seen a few issues with FIOS HDMI handshake issues and other QC concerns. But the price is right, and thinking I'll get lucky and not get a lemon is ok for me at that price. Its the same roll of the dice with the 3312 and 3313, mass produced but with a slight uptick on features.

For me, I think anything from Marantz this Black Friday will be a gift. From what I've seen, all receivers have issues but Marantz and Yamaha come out the lowest based on opinions I've seen. Yamaha Avantage especially but those never go on sale .

Also for those reading this, view the Yamaha V61 "most recent" reviews on Amazon before you pull the trigger.
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Probably a little late for end of model year, but if you search BBMagnolia on line, each site lists open box, and clearance. 2-3 weeks ago I got yammy rx a 3010 for 1100, which would be ~ 800 under the newly released 3020
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Originally Posted by powerline777 View Post

Also for those reading this, view the Yamaha V61 "most recent" reviews on Amazon before you pull the trigger.

Not sure what you mean, but 8 of the last 12 reviews (from Oct to now) are 5 star and 1 is a 4 star.
Another was a review by someone who did not own, but wanted everyone to know the 115 watt system was weak and would not be able to power his 500-1000 watt system.
One of the two reviews the people had problems, the guy was more concerned with complaining about features he did not want or use instead of an actual problem. Makes me wonder if there was one.

So anyway, considering that the majority of people will not post if they have a good experience, for the V671 to have 99 four star rated reviews our of 119 says it is pretty good.
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Yep, 699 on Newegg now for the onkyo 818
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