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Benq w710st @Newegg 529.00

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529.00 through 11/27
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i bought it smile.gif
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I saw this deal on this 720p short throw. Does anyone have any comment on how it is agaisnt the Optoma GT750e (short throw) also, which is about $680?

I thought I read a review somewhere that for gaming the Optoma GT750e might be better?

I want to pair 3 of them. The BenQ would be a cheaper solution in price if it would work.

EDIT: Here's the amazon.com review from someone:
"If you have a small room and want to watch movies or play games on a 10 foot screen, you only have two choices. The BenQ W710ST or the Optoma GT750e. 1080p would be nice, but not in this price range. However 720p looks pretty darn good on a 10 foot screen. I am projecting on a flat white living room wall. I watch Netflix[they stream in 720p I think] and regular DVDs[Some upscale better than others]using my computer and a Nvidia GTS450 video card with an hdmi cable. I haven't tried Blue ray, but it would look even better.
I tried the optoma but returned it because of a scratched lens.The BenQ appears to have better build quality and a better lamp warranty than the Optoma. But the optoma has native 3D. It supports hdmi 1.4a, and has extra computer resolutions because of it's 1280x800 native resolution. It's also a tad brighter, but that only matters if you use it with a lot of light in the room.
Bottom line. If you want a good projector for mainly watching movies and 2D games, get the BenQ.
If you must have 3D for games and movies or use it a lot for presentations, get the Optoma."

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