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IS this too many hours????

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1250??? In 1 year???

I was lookin thru old pix and saw I hung my projector on Nov. 16, 2011- as of today I have 1250 hours (Panny 3000)... I will say 100 of them are probably from having too many adult beverages and walking out leaving it on, but bulb had powered down- but pix still seem nice and bright-

What say ye-- too many hours in a year? During the summer i watch movies wit the kid every night- college football lots- --

Should I replace bulb- its hard to compare brightness to a year earlier as far as color and contrast - since thats all i See - to me it still looks great- had my 71 and 83 year old folks watch Avengers last night and they loved it -

so ---

how many hours do you have?
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I have about that many hours but its takin me about 5 years to get there. Do you have alot? Maybe. I use mine for movies only so its not on every day.
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