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Marantz 1402 receiver sufficient for my purposes?

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Hi All,

I feel somewhat sheepish coming onto these forums and asking such an elementary question! I'm completely new to the whole world of home theater. So far, my experience has been limited to small satellite speakers I received for my computer many moons ago.

I have a very limited budget, so for now I am looking at getting some floorstanders and a receiver. I have settled on the Polk Monitor 60s for the speakers since they are $99/each on NewEgg at the moment, and I don't see anything that is comparable for that price. I will be adding some Monitor 30s when money becomes available in the future.

Regarding the receiver, I am somewhat unsure...and hence my thread here!!

I am limited to a receiver under $300, embarassing I know! Nothing like the mammoth equipment I've been reading up on here!

Anyway, I have been looking at the Marantz 1402 slimline receiver ($330). It seems to be very well received, and the size factor is certainly something I appreciate since space is somewhat limited. My very naive question is this: will the 50W/channel receiver be sufficient to drive the 200W speakers? I dont need, nor do I desire intense volume. But what I would like is good sound/music fidelity. (If it matters, the room is roughly 12x14').

The other option is the Denon 1613 ($280) which is 75W per channel.

Since i have a very modest speaker setup, I clearly don't need all the bells and whistles. I just need 2 HDMI inputs for Cable and PS3 and preferably some form of microphone calibration.

Would either of these receivers be sufficient, or would I need to get something 100W+? Perhaps there are better suggestions out there?
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Either one of those receivers would be fine with the Monitor 60's in a 12 x 14 room.

the Denon 1613 features Airplay and internet streaming. The Marantz is slimmer and sleeker. Since you have a PS3 the network features of the Denon may not matter to you.

I do suggest you add a powered subwoofer eventually, especially if you plan to watch any movies.
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Thanks AfroGT. The internet connectivity isn't a make-or-break deal, since I have the PS3.

I have considered the subwoofer, but it's really not in the budget right now. Newegg is having the PSW10 on sale for $79 which I can probably spring for, but from everything I've read, this sub doesn't really bring much to the table. I'd have to go up to the PSW505 to see real benefit, but at $229, it's way beyond my budget.

Do you think there is a better receiver at this pricepoint?
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Denon 1912 is better if you can find one on clearance for $199 at Best Buy.

But the 1613 is a good receiver and readily available.
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Thanks, I'll see what I can find. As an aside, i noticed the Yamaha RX-V471 is on sale for $199. Seems to be a good receiver...and the extra savings could go towards a sub?
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I'd rather have the 1613 than the 471.
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Any particular reason why?
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Audyssey MultEQ is better than YPAO on that Yamaha. Denon eq's the subwoofer, Yamaha 471 does not.

Better amplification on the Denon as it uses discrete amps. You need to step up to the 573 and higher to get that feature on the Yamaha.
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