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SmART Theaters

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I've been perusing the net enjoying various theater designs (as I often do!) and found myself at Dennis Erskine's site (also, as I often do!).

I then found myself at the CinemaForte section and found myself intrigued by the SmART theaters. Seems to me like this might be a good way to get a very nice Erskine theater at only a portion of the cost of starting from scratch and without having his guys sleeping in your living room for weeks at a time!! This also would eliminate any confusion that might arise from 'my guys' trying to put 'his plans' into reality!

Does anyone know if they are actually doing these at this point? Has anyone had one of these done? I am intrigued about the process and this would be something that would interest me in the near future.

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No....they usually don't sleep in the living room! Lol! Actually, Steve and crew are quite efficient and they are done in days really rather than weeks. The smART theaters are still custom based on room dimensions, but the overall look and feel are what you see on the website. This helps to keep costs to certain categories that meet various budgets, needs and desires without compromising performance. Steve and crew are the ones who assemble the finished product and they are quite good at it! smile.gif
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Look at pictures of our custom rooms ... the SmArt Theaters have the same fit/finish and quality ... built in our millwork shop in Georgia. You can install the kit, or we can.

BTW, our "guys" don't stay in your living room. We prefer they stay in suites at the Four Seasons. smile.gif (They wish)
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