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Vizio M3d550kde & Audio Out

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I Just bought the Vizio M3d550kde set.
Here's my question....
I'm playing Avatar 3D from my MAC (an MKV file) I'm coming into my TV via HDMI video & audio. My question is can I redirect the audio from the tv via the digital audio out to my A/V system?
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You can, through one of the two audio out jacks.

See page 16 of the User's Manual (available on-line, but not in the box) to connect an audio device. For Surround Sound, you'll want to use the Optical/SPDIF Out Jack with Cable, and connect to your A/V.

See page 27 for Avanced Audio Settings. You'll want to set the Digital Audio Out to Dolby Digital.

Sometimes, these "pass-through" audio connections do not always work - for a number of breakdown reasons. If it doesn't, and your MAC is equipped with an Optical/SPDIF Out Jack or Coaxial Audio Out, then connect directly to your A/v system without the TV pass-through.

In the end, you may need to use the pass-through and still may not get a true 5.1 or 7.1 Surround. However, if your A/V system is equipped with Dolby ProLogic, that can simulate the Surround Sound.

Best of luck.
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Thanks the only audio out from my mac is the headphone jack - I believe it is a SPDIF out but it definitely is not optical.
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SPDIF is the optical jack and cable style. If you only have one headphone jack then it is a3.5 mm standard stereo output.

Connect the HDMI cable from your Mac to the TV, connect the optical out from TV to your AV equipment, and use the settings above.
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ok thanks
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I have a similar question, but the answer above didn't help me.
Comcast DVR connect to HDMI1
Logitech Z5550 5.1 speakers & Amp connected to TOSLink

My old TV (Olevia 37" LCD) was connected to the speakers through the TOSLink as well, and the TV remote controled the volume...very simple. Even when I used the Logitech Harmony remote, the TV controled the volume.

I can't seem to get the Vizio remote to control the volume through the TV, I had to setup the Logitech amplifier as a device, and the remote controls the amp directly. This wouldn't be a serious problem, except the amp isn't in direct LOS of the seating area. Is there any way to have the TV control the volume, and the Amp just amplify it? The TV does control the volume of the built in speakers, but I have them disabled.

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