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Used Receiver Recommendation

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I'm looking for a decent used A/V receiver for my living room to replace the Sony that recently died on me.

Setup is not too fancy:

- Older Hitachi 50in Plasma HDTV with HDMI inputs

- Pace TDC775 Cable Box (has optical in/out and digital coax in/out plugs)

- Sonos:Connect streaming audio component (digital coax/out, optical out, RCA in/out)

- Thinking about buying a used Sony PS3 for gaming/streaming video and blu-rays.

- I have a 4.1 (no center channel) speaker set up with two Polk TSi400 towers in front, a sub and two ceiling mounted speakers behind. The Polks are rated (supposedly) to 200 watts each so I wouldn't mind something with 100+ WPC as this is a big room and I like to crank it up when the family is not home.

- I also output to a second, cheapy, Pyle 2X75 watt amp that drives some outdoor mounted speakers on the patio. I wouldn't mind ditching this if I get a receiver that has second zone capabilities. Then I can use that Pyle with an extra Sonos Connect that I have.

I don't want to spend more than $US 200 and can wait until after christmas, but I'd like to have some specific units in mind that I can search for in eBay, craigslist and Amazon marketplace.

So maybe a model that is 2-3 years old and was $500 or more when new? Anyone have some recommendations? I don't need any 3D or streaming/internet capabilities or 7.1. Just looking for good sound quality, 100 watts, decent HDMI in/out and perhaps that second zone.

Seen some good things about Yamaha on the AVForums. Anyone have experience with them and an idea how they match up with my Polk's? I've seen a couple references to the Yamaha's being "warm" and that they should be matched up with "clinical" speakers but I don't know what that really means.
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If you put in your location we can help you check Craigslist for bargain receivers.
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Wow - thanks. I am in the Austin, TX area.
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Two Best Buy clearance items I found. Both should work for your needs.

Best Buy clearance item. Denon AVR-1712. $199. 6 HDMI inputs, 1 optical, 1 digital coax input, Zone 2 capability. Audyssey MultEQ XT, 2 year warranty

Pioneer VSX-1021. $169. 5 HDMI inputs, Zone 2 capability, 2 optical, 2 digital coax, networking, Airplay. analog to HDMI video conversion, 1 year warranty
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Dang. I just logged in and saw your post but both items were already sold out at those locations. I'm heading up the highway now to D/FW (wife is driving) and have a slow/spotty internet connection via my phone. Thanks for the tips though and if you see anything else let me know. I'll do some shopping around for those model numbers later when I get a better connection and more time.
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