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Sony Bravia KDL-32T3000 Colour display problem. BAD PANEL With pictures

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Title edited ( 07 dec) and again 11 dec.
See last post. I think this is a bad panel. See links (youtube video's) in last post (11 dec)

The colours are distorted.

See picture. Left is my laptop screen (as reference, this has normal colours) and on the right/middle my sony bravia screen

Some colours are to light, some to dark. Also the dark or black colours are more red or brown. And slighty/dark red colours are more red (very brightly red)

I have default settings on the tv

What do i need to replace?


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I disabled the backlight function (backlight off, function TT34) and set the screen to 32"(set 32" AUO setting) which it already was. (because there was a 32 on the service screen**, but i wanted to try so I choose to set it at 32 ''again' you could say)

Turned the tv of, then back on (had HDMI plugged in) and blank screen. Not white, but more black, but with illumination from backlight. Tv started, i could hear the buzz, green light comes on, but no image and also no menu or tv text (program number and such)

What could this mean?


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I also used this testscreen (through HDMI with laptop): http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/all_tests.php (BEFORE the screen went blank)

Green was very green, blue was very blue and red was VERY RED (like a red tint was very pure bright red). Also black and white tones were off. The black level was off. See the link, it didn't show gradually brighter squares, every square was very black and the last one was white.

Should I replace my T-CON board and/or Main (AV) Board?

EDIT: A good description would be FLUORESCENT RGB Colours
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Your initial issue appears to be with the TCON board.

More info here:


However, it now seems that you went into the 'service menu', which is not a very good thing to do (entering or making changes in service mode by untrained persons can cause significant and permanent damage to your television and too many have been there, done that and bricked their sets).

If you did, maybe you can restore the factory default settings.


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Alright, so I will order the TCON board (and the mainboard as well, to reduce shipping cost and just to be sure)

I tried restoring to factory defaults ... didn't bring the image back. I just put the backlight of and set the screen settings to 32 inch (which it already was, i found out after) so this shouldn't be dangerous, or stupid. I made sure I didn't do anything stupid.

What do you think, would replacing TCON + motherboard solve it, or what are my chances?
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As described in the first link above, the initial symptoms point to the TCON board.

The Main Logic board (e.g it has processor/eProm w/ firmware/settings, tuner, connectivity/source inputs, interface to the T-CON board etc.).

The TV indicated in the subject, is an EU model of around 4 years old, which has a significant bearing on how much $ to spend on repair vs just buying a new set at today's much lower prices.

If you should decide to go with replacement boards, make sure you match the board part numbers (e.g. they are marked on your boards), understand the return policy and and purchase from a reliable source of 100% functional boards.
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thank you Thiao

Yes, I bought the tv for 55 eu and I can get the boards for 90 eu (including shipping) so thats already approaching the price of a second hand 32 inch tv. But I want to see if I can fix the tv. I rate my chances at about 75%, what do you think?

what did you want to say about the main logic board?
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The main board has the eProm memory, so replacement should restore the factory settings.
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that's good to hear. thats what I was hoping. I'm going to replace the boards and ofcourse let you know
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You can download the KDL-32T3000 service manual here.


Just search on the model number.

This file is downloadable free of charge from the site: Get Manual

Note: You don't need to join or download any other software, as long as you already have a .pdf reader installed on your computer (e.g. such as Adobe Reader).

Once you select the document you want to download, just look for and click on the 'Get Manual' link.

I wanted to mention the above, as I took a quick look at the service manual and noticed it has a section regarding the service menu, including the factory settings.

Perhaps, this additional information can help restore the functionality of your main board.

I only looked at the first 12 or so pages, but most service manuals also include symptom trouble shooting diagnostic flow charts as well.
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I have a question: I can get a motherboard with the same partnumber as my own, but the seller says it has been pulled from a 40 inch tv. The serial numbers and the partnumber are the same, but won't it be a problem that it is pulled from a 40 inch and I am going to place it in a 32 inch?
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That model was available in various panel sizes (e.g. 26", 32", 37", 40").

From the service manual, the 40" adds a screen balancer (DS1) off the inverter board and there are different power supplies (GS boards) used, depending on size.

There only seems to be only one main type (B) board.

However, as described in section 3 (e.g. electrical circuit adjustments), there are different WXGA settings that configure each panel size.

That board should work, but more than likely will not be plug and play.

Have you tried to restore your main board setting, using the information in section 3?

Additionally, some board suppliers offer a free return policy.
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I've ordered the T-con panel and Main panel from a T2800 tv that I believe are compatible with my T3000 (the product numbers are the same)

Thiao, yes I already tried restoring to factory default. This didn't resolve the problem 1) over saturation and milky fade and 2) white screen after changing values in the service menu. Restoring to factory defaults -by simply entering combination, because obviously i can't see the menu, because the screen is white- does not work. Maybe this means the main board is faulty

When I get the panels (UK --> Netherlands) I will update!

Meanwhile, what do you think my chances are after replacing these panels? I hope to see good picture + menu after replacing these boards and turning on the tv
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Sidenote: That sudden blank screen might be because of a blown fuse on the T-con board. They apparently "do that sometimes without reason". see: http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8606

I only choose option 34 (toggle backlight) and option 69 (set 32 inch settings) so I can hardly believe it broke because of that !
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"I have a Sony Bravia KDL 40V100 1080 HDTV that just today started having strange color problems with people's hair and their bodies' outlines looking all kinds of flourescent red, green and blue. The resolution of the picture is still good, just weird colors."
... I finally took out the LVDS cable and cleaned the contacts with isopropyl alcohol and then air. It got rid of the “photo negative with some solarization” look, but now the brightness is way too high."

Source: http://www.justanswer.com/tv-repair/6qdrx-sony-bravia-kdl-40v100-1080-hdtv-just-today-started.html

That sounds just like what I have (see the picture in my first post)
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Does anyone has interesting information or tips?
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LVDS Cable Failures were discussed in the TCON troubleshooting link I sent you (see post #5)

"Although problems with the LVDS cable or connectors can generate symptoms of TCON failures this usually tends to be intermittent and wiggling of the connectors will usually provoke a change in the symptom on the screen. LVDS cables and connectors have become rather robust over the past few years and most problems are caused by technicians who damage them and this is generally quite obvious upon close examination"
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thanks thiao,
update: I have sound and I can get in the service menu

will read the info behind your link now
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New boards are in ... Going to replace them in a minute ...

Photo's new boards (on the right) (left the old ones)

Serial numbers Motherboard the same?
Yes (A1268469F - A1268469F)

Serial numbers T-con board the same?
Yes (US-5531T03117 - US-5531T03117 )
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Going to connect to power in a few minutes ...
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Alright, I have an image. But it's not good. Colours are still of, be it less than before, and it appears to 'ghost'. No slow moving images, but when I open youtube, and then play a movie, I can faintly see the squares through the movie playing (the youtube preview squares)

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Looks like the new boards fixed your original problem.

However, I can see the faint images, from a prior screen, that you mention.

Could be an issue with the computer source and not the TV set.

Does this also happen when other sources are used (e.g. Broadcast TV, DVD)?
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The new boards fixed my second problem. The monitor now has an image again. But the first problem: Dark reddish colours is still there. I hooked up an Asus and an HP laptop via HDMI, both have the faint image 'memory' (faint temporarily image 'burn' or ghosting)

Gonna try broadcast TV source now ...

Also tried the panel tab fix (pushing the tabs with a piece of cardboard. Didn't do a thing

Gonna do some research now, I'm out of idea's

EDIT: With coax the problem (dark reddish colours) is the same
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Leftfront: my laptop screen
Back right: faulty Sony lcd screen
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It's not a tab issue as that would cause lines in the picture.

The pictures you posted (post #24) do have a pinkish tone, where it should be white.

That suggests that the color temperature is set to warm or the reds are being over driven, compared to blue and green.

I'm not familiar with the Sony user menu options, but on my Samsungs, I can adjust Gamma as well as individual R-G-B gain and/or offset.

All the video/color processing is done on the main and TCON boards. In post #1, the blacks (RGB = 0,0.0) displayed as red (RGB 255,0,0). In post #27, it appears that the new boards have corrected this, but the red dominates green and blue.

This is why recalibrating the RGB levels should be the next step (e.g. adjust RGB to be white) .

Note: Due to different component tolerances with the replacement boards or more likely, aging of your CCFL back lighting spectrum, the R-G-B pixel intensities need to be brought back into balance.



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I am able to adjust RGB values after entering TT combination in Service menu ...
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The RGB might be off. But do you really think adjusting RGB will solve the problem? I would still have the ... what's the best way to describe it ? Ghosting / lagging / temporary picture burn in / pixel memory ..


It's not the motherboard or the t-con board. So that would leave the backlight-inverter-board or the power supply board or the panel. I think it's the panel ...
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