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I currently have a Panasonic PT-AX200U and am looking at upgrading due to the sales happening. The bulb has at least 4000 hours on it. I was on the fence whether to get a new bulb for $350 or just upgrade to a newer projector with 1080p and some better black levels. The 8500UB looks tempting right now as it's on sale at Visual Apex for $1099. What do you guys think about switching to the 8500UB or the 8350 over my current projector. I do about 30% of my viewing during the day so i enjoy a little bit of extra brightness although i wouldn't need much more than this ancient bulb on my current projector can produce. That's why i was looking at the 8500 for the better black levels. I was watching lawless last night and there were some really dark scenes that made me long for deeper blacks. Thanks in advance!