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Trying to figure out my Networking Problem....

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So, when doing a Drywall Gut/Replace, I wired every room of the House with Cat5 so I wouldn't have to deal with the nightmare of whole home wireless networking.

I have my Motorola Surfboard Extreme in my Dining room, and the rest of the house running through a NetGear 8 Port Switch in the Garage, right on the other side of the wall, and I have a Netgear 8 Port in the Back Entertainment room for All of my Gaming Systems/Cable Boxes/HTPC in that room.

The problem I am having is with the Netgear Switch in the Garage. I get Internet to anything plugged into the Surfboard, and Anything plugged into the Netgear in the Back room,but Nothing plugged into the NEtgear in the Garage.

I'm trying to clean everything up, and try and consolidate as much as possible, but when it comes to networking I'm lost.

Any Ideas on where to start to get everything up and running?
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a few questions........

1. You do not have a router?

2. I am assuming the 8 port switch in the backroom is being feed right from the modem?

3. And the Garage switch is being feed from the backroom?

4. The Backroom has to feed the Garage for it to work, So a port/cable from the Backroom switch to the (typical on Netgear - Last port 8th is the IN) on the Garage Switches 8th port IN, Then use the remaining 7 ports for your devices.

Switches are always daisy chained together

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Per the previous poster, are you connecting your network to the Surfboard with a router?

Also a point of clarification from the previous poster. You do NOT connect switches together in a daisy chain. Daisy chaining denotes wiring things into a ring topology. This is a huge no no unless it is intended for certain reasons. In Ethernet switched networks, you cannot wire switches in a ring because of an issue called switch loops. Switch loops causes all sorts of havoc on a network as frames do not arrive to the intended destination and just loop around through the network. Because Ethernet frames do not have a time out value where they are aged out of the network, these frames just loop forever. As more traffic is introduced into the network, those frames loop forever until the switches reach their maximum capacity and basically crash as they cannot process any more traffic. It's an interesting thing to watch as this behavior happens very quickly and one you can do yourself to see it in action. Managed switches have a protocol called spanning tree which helps eliminate switch loops by shutting down links that creates the loop. In business environments, redundant links are added to a network to allow for network resiliency even though a loop topology is created. Here a physical switch loop is intentional and spanning tree is set up to ensure no loops during normal operation. But once a forwarding link goes down, spanning tree will activate blocked links to re-establish the network pathing.
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thank you both for taking the time to help me out.

I'm using a Surfboard SBG6580. It has 4 Ethernet Ports in the back, so I was assuming it was a Router.

If it, in fact, does NOT have router functionalilty, then I guess that somewhat solves the problem and helps me out immensely.

The way it was connected Initially was the way that was described earlier:

8-Port Switch (back room) to 8 Port Switch (Garage)

8 Port Garage to Surfboard.

If the Surfboard wont act as a router, I guess I could replace the Switch in the Garage with an 8 Port Router, runt he Surfboard into that, then back into the Switch in the back room?
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The modem may need some setup adjustments to support your networking system. But try plugging both switches into the modem directly to see if that works.
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