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Originally Posted by Tong Chia View Post

The problem can be mitigated to a large extent, the Standard or Simple Shaders produce the lowest artifacts (you really need to go looking for them in order to see it).
This are low complexity shaders so you could try it on the GT430.
Frame interpolation mode should be left at adaptive. (The "2M" shader is low in artifacts but you get a noticible amount of motion judder and some flickering during pans)
Artifacts masking should be set at normal or above. The GT430 may run out of cycles here. (Use GPU-Z to monitor the load as you are doing this).
All else can be left at defaults
A profile for the specific resolution and refresh rate should be created to get SVP to pick the right defaults.
MadVR should be used , enable the anti-ringing filters use lanczos or soft cubic, there is going to be a fair amount of edge enhancement from the interpolated frames (aka halos) so a 3 lobe filterr is enough
Jinc can be used when you get the 7850
These settings add a small amount of motion blurring duing pans which makes the result more like film and less of the "soap opera" effect
If you want to see how the 7850 compares http://www.svp-team.com/wiki/SVPmark:_online_results

Noticed the motion judder with the '2m' shader - that was going to be my follow up question, but you guys are anticipating - its much appreciated.

Introducing anything other than softcubic or less produces huge numbers of dropped frames - anti-ringing filters have the same effect. Similarily so with Artifacts Masking.

I have filters for specific resolution and refresh rate set up. Looks like the GT430 just doesn't have the grunt to cut it. Will certainly experiment more when I get the i5 and 7850.

Thanks to both you and renethx for your support.
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Just got the i5 and 7850 this afternoon and of course as 'sods law' would have it the ATI Card was DOA - RMA'd and waiting on replacement tomorrow.
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Lanczos, Softcubic, Jinc .... Are we talking about Chroma upsacaling or Image upscaling? To play back HD film, Image upscaling plays no role.
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Originally Posted by renethx View Post

Lanczos, Softcubic, Jinc .... Are we talking about Chroma upsacaling or Image upscaling? To play back HD film, Image upscaling plays no role.
Any and all combinations - with the exception of jinc, which had already been quoted as unusable without more powerful hardwware. Chroma and image (wasn't aware that image upscaling had no role in that environment - thanks again).

Ignoring Image Upscaling, as soon as I activate AR - dropped frames are introduced, though see caveat below. Hopefully all will be superfluous after today, when I hopefully get a working 7850 replacement.

The strange thing is, that although madVR stats indicate dropped and delayed frames, increasing at around 4-5 per second, there is no (to my eyes anyway) jitter in playback
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OK - got a working HD7850 this morning and fitted immediately - turned out the previous one wasn't fried - my Anthem AVR had somehow set itself to Auto mode instead of 'through', which seemed to block the signal. Once set-up correctly I managed to get some play time with this combo (i5 and 7850).

Still get the occasional artifact (in some fast moving scenes it looks like the figures are being transported to the Enterprise), though I think they are more to do with the encode/source rather than either the hardware or SVP. Really enjoying the effect of SVP, it is fairly subtle and not at all overbearing, like some.

So far so good. Thanks renethx and Tong Chia.
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when i bought my DSLR camera Sony A57 i found that no video program understand Avchd Mts which can be set from 24 fps to 60 fps.
I found 1 program that allowed me to convert it to whatever format without quality loss and with all options i needed.
Program called iSkySoft video converter.

Initially program does not support 60fps output, but it does read it just fine.
Program is 100% capable to output 60fps video if you do small tweak.
Editing this line will help.
12 fps;15 fps;20 fps;23.97 fps;24 fps;25 fps;29.97 fps;30 fps,

You have to open file Format.dat with text editor and add it to what ever resolution or format you want.
You can do it individually or you can simply do "Find and Replace". It will add 60fps for all formats.

If you "Find and Replace" this
fps;30 fps
and replace it with
fps;30 fps;60 fps

This will search whole Format.dat files and add 60fps support for every codec and profile there is.

Hope that helps.

Program is so good, i bought it. Their online support is also great. They actually told me how to hack that file to get 60fps, it was very nice of them.
Go to www.iskysoft.com#10198 to get 20% off
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iSkySoft video converted did the job for me.
I loved that program so much, i bought it.
It supports MTS files at 60fps and can convert to 60fps but you gotta do a little trick.

You have to edit Format.dat file with text editor and do 'Find and Replace"
12 fps;15 fps;20 fps;23.97 fps;24 fps;25 fps;29.97 fps;30 fps
Replace with
12 fps;15 fps;20 fps;23.97 fps;24 fps;25 fps;29.97 fps;30 fps;60 fps
Save and start tjhe program.

Every codec will have 60fps output available from framerate dropdown in codec settings dialog.

www.iskysoft.com#10198 This link should get you 20% off.
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What's the point of this program? It converts 24fps movie to only 30fps even if 60fps is selected, with awkward movements.
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What's the point of this program ?
It converts what ever video files to what ever video files you want at what ever framerate you want.
U cant convert 24fps video to 60fps, it just doesnt work like that. Sure video will have 60fps, but it will double of not tripple some frames to get that.
IskySoft video converter supports formats that i found to be IMPOSSIBLE to convert to anything that i can use in video editors such as after effects or what ever.

I have DSLR camera and it records 60fps as MTS format. No other program in the world was able to give me 60fps conversation the way i expected.
I expected 60fps MTS file to be 60fps AVI or WMV file without any interlacing or what ever else garbage other converters do, and thats exactly what i got.
It converted my videos just the way i needed.

I found this program almost obsolete video converted, so i shared my experience.
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Read the thread title: Convert 24fps video to 60fps. The op mentioned "Avisynth framerate doubling", i.e. so-called "motion interpolation".

It looks like you posted in a wrong thread.
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Question. May be a stupid one...

If I was to rip a bluray movie and convert it to 60fps, could I burn the revised content onto a BD-R? Would it be possible to convert to 60fps without compression or any degradation in quality?

If so, would one be able to tell a difference if comparing the original content back-to-back with the new 60fps content?

Also, if this was a possibility, would one benefit from frame interpolation after the 60fps conversion?

Will your standard BD player even be able to play 60fps?

Sorry if these are layman questions... I'm about to take the plunge into ripping my bluray library and would like to experiment with higher frame rates as I've always loved smoother playback.
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Converting 24fps to 60fps means creating new frames between existing ones to make the motion more fluid (unless you mean merely 3:2 pulldown by repeating the original frames in 3:2 pattern [24fps x (3+2)/2 = 60fps], that's mostly a pointless conversion). The new video stream @60fps must be compressed in order to be stored in a disk with a reasonable size and the compression level is up to you. Of course you can burn it in BD-R if you like. Check InterFrame.

But in general I recommend motion interpolation "on the fly" instead, although that requires a bit of CPU / GPU processing power. Check SVP (Smooth Video Project).
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