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AVR Crossroads - repair or replace? (and other related Q's)

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My Onkyo TX-NR807 has recently fallen to the dreaded (and apparently all too common) busted HDMI board. Fortunately, I have been able to arrange for out of warranty repair from Onkyo. However, this has brought me to a certain crossroads with my home theater setup. I am extremely frustrated with the quality and longevity of my recent AVRs. I previously owned an HK in the early 2000s that lasted only a couple of years, followed by an Onkyo 805 that only lasted two years, followed by this recent 807 problem after 3 years.

Essentially, I'd like to get some advice on where to go from here. I've been considering replacing the 807 with such receivers as the Marantz SR7007, NAD T 757, Pioneer Elite SC-68, Anthem MRX 700, Yamaha RX-A3020, etc. Basically something in the $1500-2500 range. Thought being better performance and better longevity/quality. I will not buy another Onkyo/Integra product.

My modest speaker system is made up of Athena AS-F2's (front), AS-C1 (center), AS-B2's (surround), and AS-IW6's (surround back). Subwoofer is an HSU Research VTF3 MKII. Main usage is home theater/video games. I'm pretty happy with music performance although the system doesn't have as much "punch" as I would like (dynamic range??).

Thanks for helping a novice out!


(1) Will I hear a noticeable performance increase going to a AVR in the $1500-2500 range, given my speaker system? Or should I stick with the 807 (until it breaks again, and stay in that "class" of AVR)?

(2) The AS-F2's are rated to handle 250W of power. Is it possible to connect all other speakers to the 807's speaker terminals, and use its pre-outs to connect a higher powered amp to power the AS-F2s? If so, would this perhaps increase performance?

(3) Would it be beneficial to go to separates for the entire system? What kind of price tag would that come with for a 7 speaker system (of course looking for increased performance from what I've got)?

Thanks again!
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I would stay with the 807 and put the money toward better speakers. Yeah, my 807 crapped the bed to so I know how you feel. I did move to a Marantz SR7005 while it was in the shop
being repaired but my son needed a better receiver so I gave it to him. If he didn't need a better receiver I probablly would have stuck with the 807. I suggest you stick a fan on top of it
after you get it back. I used to own those Athenas some years back and still have the center and surrounds stored away. I sold the AS-F2's. An amp isn't going to give you any better sound.
Better speakers are the way to go if you want to spend money.
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Thanks for the response, XStanleyX.

I'm going to have to upgrade the receiver sometime relatively soon as I'm looking at getting a new HDTV (with 3D), so I will need an AVR that is 3D capable. Am I better off staying in the same class of receiver as the 807 or stepping up to those I've mentioned?
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I used a Panasonic 3D blu-ray player with dual HDMI outputs. One cable to the TV and one to the receiver. That will give you 3D capabitily. If you still want to go for a new
receiver I recommend you check out the Denon/ Marantz models with the features you want.

If I were in the market with you budget I'd get this one:


Of course if you can find it at a lower cost at an authorized dealer that would be better.

At the top of your budget would be a AVR-4520CI but I don't see the extra value in cost difference there. Course there are
some owners of the 4520 who would disagree.
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Thanks again.

Sounds like I should stay put until it comes to TV upgrade time and a new AVR will follow. I'm looking ahead to not just 3D BD, but also the next Xbox/Ps4, and 3D offerings from DirecTV.

Can you (or someone else) comment on the power handling issue? The 807 is rated at 135 watts for 2 channels driven. In an upgrade should I be looking for more power? Like I said, the F2's are rated at nearly twice that. I guess I just don't really fully get the relationship between speaker power handling and what the amp can push in relation to overall performance...
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Even an 80 Watts per channel receiver will drive those F2's easily unless you have a huge room. The 807 will drive most speakers on the market without a problem.

The 250 watts is just the max you can put into the speakers but realistically that's not going to happen.
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It's about 30 feet wide and about 15 feet deep (great room). The listening area is at one end of the great room, facing the depth, not width. So to the left of the listening area is a good 20 feet of open space (dining area and open kitchen).
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I'd just stick with the 807 and use a dual out blu-ray player for 3D. If you upgrade to a different receiver the ones I recommended would serve you well.

If you do plan on a different receiver don't waste your money on a dual out player.
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I'll just that if I had the money to burn I'd buy one of the receivers I recommended and have done with it. But then I have no wife and kids to feed.
It's all about economics. The newer receivers have some nice features your 807 doesn't. You may or may not want those features. Your money, your call.
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Thanks for all your help!
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