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Stereo receiver vs AVR for a 2.1 setup.

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I recently purchased a pair of Polk RTi A5s and a Klipsch RW-12D sub to go with them. I am now looking for a receiver. I've been looking at the Harman Kardon HK 3490 which is $284 from Amazon right now (a really good price, I know). It seems like a really good unit with more than enough power to drive the A5s.

However, I was wondering if I would not be better off with an AV receiver.

Getting lossless audio to the receiver by means of Airplay or an iPod dock is very important to me and with the HK receiver that means an extra $130 (maybe $100 on eBay). That puts the total cost of the HK for me at around $400.

For that price or a little more I know I can get an AV receiver that supports either Airplay or has USB in for an iPod.

I don't really plan on expanding the system but what draws me to the AV receivers is: bigger selection of inputs, microphone based room calibration, and the possibility of bi-amping. Also, while I probably won't expand the system, the option is nice.

Do you guys have have any ideas on what I should go for?

Will an AV receiver provide enough power? (Obviously some will, but will the ones in my price range?) How much power do I really need?

Is bi-amping all its cracked up to be? (Some people say it doubles the power and is amazing, others think it's pointless)

Is Audyssey superior to YPAO?


Some stuff I've looked at:



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If you want bass management you want a AV receiver.

AVR's will also have a front USB input for your iPod, include Airplay and lossless HD audio from Blu Ray players.

Biamping is a waste of time

Audyssey is superior to YPAO in my opinion. The Denon AVR 1713 uses Audyssey MultEQ XT which is even a higher version of Audyssey. Of the 3 receivers you linked this is the one I'd get.
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