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Best projectors with no Soap Opera Effect near $2500 or less? Technology is stressing me out!

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Hello, long time reader, first time poster,

I have been driving myself crazy looking for the most perfect TV for years now. I have come to realize depending on the person, there may or may not be a perfect TV out there and for me there isn't. My Current TV is an almost 8 year old Sony CRT KD-34XBR960, which is a 34" HDTV and very heavy at a whopping 200 pounds. Even back then I had a tough decision to buy that CRT with the best current picture quality at the time (still might be) but limited to 34" or go for a bigger 50" Sony rear projection TV with PQ and viewing angles not nearly as good. I settled for the smaller size because the PQ was a huge difference.
Since i moved to a much bigger room I want to go much bigger and still have great picture quality. With all of the positives and negatives with everything out there I'm thinking my best setup would be a TV behind a projector screen. Here are the reasons why I can't just go for only one technology, instead of the projector TV combo:

1- Projector Only ( Epson 8350, Powerlite home Cinema Full HD 3D 3LCD or others?) - Can't settle for only a projector. I watch too much TV overall to have to worry about constantly changing bulbs and it becoming very costly. Plus I'll always have to watch in the dark, which the room can easily get.
2- Plasma Only (TC-P65GT50, TC-65VT50) I could possibly settle for only a plasma but sitting about 12' away, 65" seems good enough but with these bigger TV's coming out I have a feeling that I would eventually be itching for something bigger and you can't with a plasma. I also don't like that its more dull than LED's. I really hate the soap opera effect, so as much as the plasma would be great when I watch movies, I will worry about burn in big time because I do watch a lot of sports with static logos, even some WWE which has it. I also love that any seating position is great with a plasma.
3- LED- (Sharp LC80LE844U, Samsung UN65ES8000FXZA, or Sony XBR65HX950) Can't settle for only LED. I love the fact that I would be able to watch my sports, and other shows with logos worry free from burn in. Plus I think that sports, news, concerts, and documentarys will much better on an LED than a plasma but the deal breaker is I can never settle for the Soap Opera Effect while watching movies. Plus I'm not a fan of motion blur but won't mind if its not dramatic.
So basically my 3 choices will wind up being:

A- Plasma only
B- Pull down projector screen over Plasma
C- Pull down projector screen over LED

Finally here is my big question: At the current moment I'm slowly leaning towards choice C but I have started reading that some of these projectors now have the soap opera effect!
Can someone list a few really good projectors that for sure has no soap opera effect and is around $2500 or less? What about the two I mentioned above?- (Epson 8350, or Powerlite home Cinema Full HD 3D 3LCD-model V11H527020. The projector will be used for mainly movies and very rarely a big sporting event.
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I might be mistaken but my TV had the soap opera effect and by using the menu screen and turning off a specific feature (forget what it was called) the effect was dramtically dialed down.

The SOE is a matter of settings and options that you choose.

Hopefully someone else can confirm this but that's been my observation.
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I also need an answer for that question, i need a projector that doesnt make soap opera effect
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Pretty sure all the popular projectors don't do that...... some out of the box and others will need calibratingt/tweaking of settings. My advice find one in your price range with good reviews and go ask people in the owners thread of said pj. I've never heard of a TV or PJ that is stuck in SOE mode. Granted I'm a casual observer. From personal experience you can adjust your TV and while my pj hc5500 didn't have SOE I did have to calibrate it as the colours out of the box were too vibrant.....while impressive it was not realistic.
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I wouldn't count out the Mits RPTV's. They have come a long way in the past 8 years. They come in screen sizes up to 92" and cabnet depth is about the same as your CRT. DLP won't ever burn in, bulp life is upwards of 10,000 hours and bulps are a little over $100. They work great in well lit rooms or in the dark, viewing angles are much better than the older units. You would have to be carefull about turning it off and on to much and the possible RBE problem. Check out the fourms on them and se what other people think about them. They are a great cross between a projector and LCD/PLASMA TV. As far as TRUE MOTION (or what ever the manufacture calls it) can always be turned off in any decient set.
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