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Virtually unused DVDO Edge bought in the first year they were produced but I can't remember exactly when that was because the unit has been sitting in a box on a shelf for at least 4 years. I bought a Denon AVP and just used the Realta processor in it. The Edge gives a lot more video options and works great but I just didn't need it. The unit offered for sale comes in the original box and was in perfect working order when last used; the software will probably need to be updated which is simple to do. The top of the unit has a few scuffs courtesy of a grandchild using it for a helicopter landing pad but the unit itself is otherwise in perfect shape (and it's an odd shape and form factor that Anchorbay choose for this unit -- kind of reminds me of a Klingon warship). If you are not familiar with the DVDO Edge you can learn more at D V D O . C O M. This unit does not do 3D or HDMI 1.4 (I think you need an Edge Green for that).

I'd like to sell this to someone who needs an excellent processor/scaler so it doesn't spend it's whole useful life sitting in a box.
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