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So I was actually pretty happy with my Polk Monitor 60's I got last year but listened to a few speakers at Fry's yesterday and ended up grabbing a pair of Rti8's which are pretty nice so far and it's nice to be back with the rti series, I had Rti100's before the monitor 60's.

I was actually thinking I was going to go in and get Infinity Primus 363's because of all the talk I've heard about them being so good for their price range but honestly I wasn't impressed with them. The setup wasn't too bad either, I brought in my own music in .wav format and had the receiver crossed over at 80hz for all speakers. I just felt the infinities sounded too boomy and not near as crisp as the Rti8's. Many people say the Rti8's are very bright for music so maybe that's what I prefer I don't know. I do know the monitor 60's tweeter has always hurt my ears after extended listening periods and while the Rti8 seem a little bright to me they don't hurt my ears which is mostly what I care about.

On a few side notes I listened to the tsi500/monitor 70 and wasn't impressed by them either, felt they were way too bass heavy with a muddy midrange and again that was crossed over at 80hz. I also heard the Rti12's and all I can say is wow what a beast of a speaker...they sounded amazing but they were a huge speaker. I really love the look of the Rti A5's but don't think I can justify the price difference over the 8's.