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Hi just purchased the UN55EH6000FXZA set and, was trying to get a rough idea about calibration settings for the set had a LG that I did set up but, this seems to be a bit different and not as many settings was thinking I will ask before I returned the set possibly. Thanks for the help.
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Start in the Movie mode. That gets you close.

Beyond that, copying settings really does you no good. Like copying combination lock numbers.

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I am feeling the same way at this point. I bought this TV a few days ago. I have a 46" Samsung LCD from four years ago that acutally has better picture quality than this panel when watching sports. I have found the standard picture quality to be acceptable when viewing most other forms of TV. I went into display setting and turned all the motion procesing toys off for regualr TV, just as I would have with my other panel when watching regular TV. It looks solid from there. However, I can't seem to get a nice clear, relatively judder free picture for football with any combination of the clear motion technology and other motion enhancement toys. I will have to bring it back if I can't figure out how to tune it up a bit. It can't possibly be acceptable that it underpeforms a panel from four years ago in that category. Also, I am not feeling like the color is as good on this set as my older LCD. The grass does not look green like it should when watching a game.
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I have the 60eh6003 so I guess it's bout same tv. I have same problems with the football games.close ups look great but panning out looks horrible.no matter what settings i change I can't get it looking good.gonna take mine back for a plasma I think.
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I tired these setting last night and it was a huge help. I was really surprised, but these setting made regular TV watching look better and Monday Night Football. I figured there would have to be some adjustment when changing from one to the other as I used to do with my Samsung 46" LCD. Not the case here. With these setting I was able to switch from regular network shows to MNF without any change. The one thing I did slightly differently was I watched football in standard picture mode instead of movie mode. I like it a little brighter. However, the vibrant setting is way too bright and creates too many artifacts around the players in a dim room. I also prefer Warm 1 to Warm 2 as my color scheme. Warm 2 is a little too yellow for my liking. I hope this helps. I was ready to return this TV on Sunday night. After these adjustments I am pretty happy with it.

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Sadly, mush of the improvement also looks to be the result of broadcast quality. CBS HD is garbage for football. Fox HD is slightly better. NFL Network is even a little better, but still has some strange things going on when watching the game. ESPN HD MNF has the best quality and defiantly looks the best. That said, CBS HD is bearable on my old LCD. I'll have to do some more comparing this coming weekend before deciding if this TV is worth keeping. I did watch Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud on blu-ray the other night at the settings above and it looked great. But sports is a big part of why I have HD TV so that needs to be sorted out to make it worth it.
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I gave up. There were just too many things about this TV I did not like. I returned it to Best Buy on Saturday morning and picked up a 60" Samsung plasma fro $999.99 a few hours later. After reading reviews of several TVs and spending a few hours looking at them at the store, I decided it was time to get over my fear of plasmas. I have to say it was a great decision. This TV demolishes the 55" LED and even puts my 4 year old Samsung LN46A650 to shame a bit. That TV has been moved to a bright room where it will be a very good backup TV. The 60" plasma is amazing. I am sure it is not perfect (as many reviews indicate) but it is a whole hell of a lot better than an LED or LCD. The difference boils down to one simple thing as far as I can tell. LEDs and LCDs have pixels that are essentially shutters. They are either open or closed. When they go closed that are instantly off. The plasma has cells that light up and dim as they are flashed. They do not turn off as quickly and this makes a plasma much more forgiving for high speed action. And that is nto taking into account that the plasma flashes the picture information 600 times a minute, rather than the 60, 120 or 240 of an LED or LCD. I have been plasma phobic for a while but I have to say after jsut a few days I don't think I will ever go back. I love this TV. I got the last one at a store within 25 miles of my house in Northern VA on Saturday. And while I was picking up a tablet for my wife that evening at another BB store three people called the customer service desk looking for this same TV. So glad I got it and did not have to wait a week for it to be delivered. Get them while they last. I understnad they are a discontinued item now.

I sit about 12 feet from this TV when veiwing it. It is a darker room too. It is way more than bright enough. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a "dumb" TV that just does a great job at being a TV.

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For your general learning about this forum, it's of value for you to understand that you have managed to hijack the original poster's thread. It's also time you understood that this sub-section of the forum is dedicated to display calibration NOT swapping settings. Those two activities are not equivalent, as is explained here:


I am suggesting that this thread, and especially your contributions, would be much more suitable in the flat panel display owner's area of the forum. There is a lot of discussion like yours among TV owners who do not understand calibration and just like to talk about how they "feel" about their equipment performance. Display calibration has little to nothing to do with personal preference. This "sticky" thread may help you understand this fundamental principle:

'Display Calibration: Root Fundamentals'


Best regards and beautiful pictures,
G. Alan Brown, President
CinemaQuest, Inc.
A Lion AV Consultants Affiliate

"Advancing the art and science of electronic imaging"
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Sorry, that should say 600 times per second, not 600 times per minute. This is what happens when I don't drink coffee. Check it out though. You won't possibly be disappointed for the money.
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Thanks. I won't need to comment again so you won't have to worry about me "hijacking" anything else. I'll just read instead. You have my sincerest apologies for the egrigious error of trying to provide as much helpful information as possible to someone similarly situated. Won't happen again. I promise.
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