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Suggest my speakers 7.2

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I plan on getting a onkyo-tx-nr515 I just need suggestions for speakers. Ideally I would like to get higher quality on the fronts and center and cut back on the surrounds. I don't have a budget just yet, but I would like to keep it under 1k not including the sub. I will worry about that later. So I need some suggestions. The room is still be constructed so I am really not limited to much, the room is about 20' by 12'. Thanks
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That's a pretty nice little little AVR. For you "possible budget" you're looking at, I might recommend another area.

That little AVR won't be able to push anything of any substance, IMO, with that little of power out put for only 2ch driven.

Try looking at the HTIB that Onkyo makes called the HT-S9400THX. For the size room you're looking to bump, that might be a better avenue for you, just a suggestion.
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What makes this AVR so much better? I would also like 2 hdmi outputs
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More power for one. You can go to the Onkyo website and take a look at it. It only has one HDMI out so if that's a deal breaker, I guess not then.
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