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Speaker Advice

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Ok...relatively uninitiated in home theatre audio.

I've just acquired a Denon AVR-1913 and looking for some advice on the speaker front. The system will be going in my great room with a layout as follows:


Note that the room is reasonably open concept on the right to the kitchen and to the bottom to entrance hall.

TV will be positioned on the left wall. The room has a peaked 16 ft ceiling. Plan is to set up 5.1 and use the 2 alternate backs for outdoor. Use will be both movies and music.

Budget is in the $400 - $1000 range. Initial options I'm considering are:

1) Add to my current Energy XL-25 tower speakers. Is this doable? If so, what?
2) Energy Take Classic 5.1 system
3) KEF KHT3005 package with Kube2 sub priced @ $899
4) Klipsch 7.1 package @ $950 with the following elements:
Package Overview:
1x Klipsch 10" 225-Watt Powered Subwoofer (KW-100)
2x Klipsch Tower Speaker (F-10)
4x Klipsch Synergy Bookshelf Speaker (B10B)
1x Klipsch Centre Channel Speaker (C-10)

I'm completely open to other suggestions as well.

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Well, if you are happy with the XL-25s then add to them with other Energy center/surround speakers. Especially since you want to stay ≤ $1000. Either call Energy to see what current series match up, or look on their website and read up on the various series to see which ones best match the drivers in the XL.
Spending the same amount for less speakers = better quality.
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Hmm...I like the TL-25's but bought them 12 years ago. I would assume there would be some value in upgrading to more recent technology?
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Originally Posted by Bigoak View Post

Hmm...I like the TL-25's but bought them 12 years ago. I would assume there would be some value in upgrading to more recent technology?

Speaker tech only chances in small amounts compared to AVRs, pre/pros. A speaker is either of a good design or a bad one.
I have speakers that date back to '77 when they were designed. I did do an upgrade, building biased XOs and replaced the old AL tweeters with new Ti tweeters. And since I did the upgrade 10 years ago, I've had a number of offers from people wanting to buy them. I still use them as my mains, although I have newer speakers of the same type (3-way 8") for center/surrounds.

My point to you was, being you want to do 5.1 for ≤ $1000, keeping the XL-25s allows you to spend the same amount of money on the center/surrounds, sub if needed, meaning you will get higher quality, compared to spending that grand on all 5 speakers.
I don't think I ever auditioned the XL, but I had thoughts of buying Energy Veritas back around '99~2001. The only reason I did not was the matching center left something to be desired, which was quite typical of all center speakers, at the time.
Then when DD, DTS became the norm and DVD-A/SACD were there, speaker manufacturers started to put more thought into their center channel design.
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