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Questions about Nvidia 3d vision and interlaced 3d output

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I've had a vizio e3d420vx passive 3dtv for a while and am building a media center/gaming pc from scratch with parts I got during neweggs black friday sale. I got a refurbished EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 2GB(still on sale for $90 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130744). I was going to get a cheaper card but I also have a 1080p monitor on the way for a dual display setup and figured I needed the extra power to make everything run smoothly.

My question is since my tv is a progressive tv do I need the $40 3DTV play software to play games on it if I'm not needing framepacking? Rather than passing a full 3d signal could I pass a 1080p interleaved signal to it? The reasoning is to avoid taxing the gpu rendering pixels that won't be shown due to the TV's limitation.

I purchased Powerdvd 12 ultra which supports interleaved output so I should have no problems with 3d blurays/3d video playback. There was a software called IZ3D that would do interlaced 3d game output but it is gone now.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!smile.gif

PC specs(I assume this won't bottleneck 3d gaming!):
FX 4 core 3.6ghz amd processor
120gb ssd
8 gb ram
bluray drive
Windows 8 64bit
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I did some more research if nvidia 3d vision or 3dplay won't support it I can get it working with tridef 3d which supports row interleaved outputs but costs $50. I thought it was a amd only software but it also supports nvidia cards. I can test it with the trial. If anyone has any experience with this I'd appreciate it. I should have my parts by the end of next week to start the build. I also may be able to force 120hz over hdmi to the display as well http://hgjwww.120hz.net/showthread.php?852-Managed-to-force-120Hz-on-a-Vizio-e3d420vx . That would be great to to have 120hz 3d it should be possible if the display does truly support 120hz input and output natively, but I won't get my hopes up.
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I use the EDID override on my Asus VH23AH, that allows it to work natively with 3D Vision. It's a win-win, since 3D Vision supports more games than TriDef does. You can Google information about it, it basically tricks the NVidia software into thinking you have a supported interleaved monitor, so it generates the proper output. Works like a champ. I also have PowerDVD12 for videos and Blu-rays, it handles it natively, so no worries there either.
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Thanks. I found a good article on that http://3dvision-blog.com/7163-make-your-passive-3d-monitor-or-3d-hdtv-work-with-3d-vision/. It is reported to also pass audio with the acer driver.

I find it strange that Nvidia trys to restrict use of their products. With passive 3d a 3d hdmi signal doesn't even need to be sent, just a 1080p row interlaced image, so with tridef 3d you should be able to output 3d without a 3D enabled graphics card. I guess they make more money this way.

Also good to hear that powerdvd works well. At first I thought the bluray drive I got for $37 came with 3d bluray software but being a oem drive it did not so I ordered powerdvd 12 ultra for $50, not bad overall considering how cheap the drive was and I get the remote and powerdvd apps for my phone with it.cool.gif
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I think NVidia's problem is that they turned it from a service into a product. It originally supported interleaved 3D, that's why those monitor profiles work. But then they figured they could make their own NVidia-branded line of 3D accessories, and then restrict 3D support to only those products = higher profit, and the only ones who suffer for it are us customers.
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Got everything working but 120hz wouldn't work, not a big deal since few modern games will run at more than 60fps at 1080p. I used the acer drivers from that page. Needed to fiddle with audio settings but was able to get audio over hdmi. Google earth and just cause work fine but there is slight input lag but not horrible in game mode.
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