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Calibration settings for JVC JLC47BC3002 ?

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Anyone know of, or where I can find, good user calibration settings for this LCD TV ?

Not sure, but calibration settings for a similar (and maybe more common) model (JLC47BC3000) may be applicable as well.

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I ordered the 37 inch which has the same model number. Will the settings be the same? I haven't seen settings anywhere but the sets get good reviews.
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I also just ordered the 37in black crystal 3002 model. I have heard good things about them so I figured I would pick it up since I got for $315 with a 3 year warranty. Here are some settings I found for the 47in 3001:


Backlight 100
Contrast 42
Brightness 50
Color 46
Tint 0
Sharpness 2
Color Temperature Warm

Let us know what you find out.
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Thanks for the link. I'll give those a try.
I picked up the 47" for under 400 on BF
So far, I'm pleased, but time will tell.
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I paid around 280 for the 37 inch with a 3 year warranty. I haven't taken it out of the box yet. Where it's going it should be fine. I am going to get a soundbar if needed. Anyone have theirs setup yet?
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I set mine up last week, and its really nice. I have been playing Halo 4 and Assassins Creed 3 and they look great. I was worried about the 60hz refresh rate, but it doesn't seem to have much impact at 37in. Also HD content through Xbox looks good with minor artifacts. Great TV for 300 dollars.
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I finally got around to setting this up I have not tried the settings above but I will, thanks. First thoughts are nice set for the money. I can't get my TW remote volume to work. I called JVC -which was very easy got a live
person right away- they don't have the correct codes yet. I called TW they couldn't get it to work. I'll have to play around with it unless someone knows. The sound from th tv is not bad at all I thought i would need a sound bar for sure, now maybe not.
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Settings on the 47" right out of the box are not bad. Had no trouble with the TW remote recognizing the set...volume control works fine.
Happy with the set...still need to mess with settings...no time. Replaced an old 51" widescreen rear projection sony wega with this tv...takes up less space and picture quality is much better.
Not my primary tv...this one is in my bar area.
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Since this is the only thread on AVS forum I figured I'd chime on on this JVC TV here.

I just picked this set up for my parents for christmas. For the price paid ($450) this set is fantastic. It isn't perfect by any means, but it is a decent TV for a great price. As the person above mentioned the settings out of the box are pretty good. It's plain old LCD (not LED) and it doesn't have any fancy features, but its solid. Decent picture, above average sound and $450 for a 47inch TV is fantastic. The only real flaw I can find is that the backlighting isn't even. The lower right corner is brighter. This is only noticeable on very dark scenes. I doubt my parents will ever notice it so I'm not going to point it out to them.

Overall I'm very satisfied with this TV. It isn't for serious videophiles by any means, but if it is for a secondary system or as someones first HDTV it's hard to beat.

-- jaydillyo
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