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Need help replacing Denon 2809CI Yamaha RX-A720 or RX-V673 NewEgg Gift Card promo

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My Denon still works completely fine. I was in Frys and had a very awesome chat with one of the guys and he was pushing me towards the Yamaha line I was going to look at them for my next AVR anyways. Started with looking at the RX-V673 and then the RX-A820. Only reason I was looking at the 820 was for the 2 HDMI Out and Preouts but I really dont need either of those right now and prob could just use some switch if and when I need it for a 2nd HDMI out?

I didn't see this and not sure if it just started but NewEgg has alot of the Yamaha's on sale with a Promo Credit. Which is the better deal I'll be spending all day researching them but most of you will know more about them then I will. I don't plan on upgrading my speakers anytime soon so still using my INFINITY PRIMUS. No promo deal on the RX-A820 but going through the specs looks like the 720 and 673 are pretty much the same the 720 has 3yr warranty though. Also besides just Yamaha what else would fall in the range of those 3 to compare them to.
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Why are you replacing the Denon 2809 if it works fine? What new features are you looking for?
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Sorry should of posted that. Need 3D passthrough
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I've been looking at the Yamahas as well. Can't give you advice yet but will as i learn more. The Aventage jump seems to be recommended here.
What is the promo code for Newegg? i might check it out too.
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They are giving you a Gift Card credit for today only $240 GC on the 720 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882115394

Also Frys looks to have a sale on the Denon's alot of last 12 models http://www.frys.com/search?search_type=regular&sqxts=1&query_string=yamaha&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&cat=0

I'm wondering about the pro/con of YPAO and Audyssey and if it's going to matter to much.
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Can't help on Audyssey but I've heard good things about YPAO and how it helps balance the system automatically. Seems to be real value, not just hype, but wish i had first hand experience for you rather than third party hearsay.
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Yea just really no talk in the rx-a720 Thread the RX-V673 has alot but haven't even look around yet in that one. The one good thing with the Denon's is the THREADS. Looks like no Go on the Fry's deal unless your lucky and find a store with one. Was starting to like that 3312CI for the price. Most likely will just order up the a720.
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Spent some time on this today and here is what i can tell from the research. There are not a lot of differences in the V673 and the A720 but here goes:
- It looks like the 720 only upconverts 480i component signals to 1080p. It doesn't upconvert 480P signals. This could be an issue with game consoles like the Wii and with PC's but can be overcome by using a seperate component to HDMI converter or setting the output of those devices to 480i.
- Depth of 720 is 15.5", an inch more than the 673. Only an issue if you are using 14" or less deep shelving.
- 673 has a 2 year warranty, 720 is 3 years. May be indicator of expected life or quality??
- 720 can drive both a 7.2 zone and a second 2 channel zone at the same time. The 673 has to shut down the 2 rear surround channels of zone 1 to power the 2 zone 2 speakers when using both zones at the same time.
- Neither one has an internal HD radio receiver. have to go to the RX-A820 for that.

Hope this helps. Like i said there is not much difference if none of these features are important to you. Even the Power looks the same. I would go for the extra year of warranty myself.
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BTW, the 820 has the same upconvert issue as the 720, 2 more HDMI inputs and the 2nd HDMI output you mentioned, and the extra 10 Watts. that's about it. Not worth the price difference with the sale on the 720, which looks too good to be true1
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Thanks good info. Looks like I waited too long on the A720 Sold Out Dang ... Looks like they also have the Pioneer SC-1222 discounted as well. Man I should of just ordered it earlier before I left.
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