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No Laughing, but upgrading from a...

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No Laughing, but upgrading from a Pronto TS-1000 programable remote. Could somebody point me in the right direction to the modern version of that.

What I liked about it was the customization the remote had, from custom icons to customizable macro's for everything from lighting to mute and even delayed actions.
The down side for me at first was what I thought a steep learning curve that I eventually did master and I never really liked the monochrome screen but the remote has been handy and reliable but its time for an upgrade.

Looking for suggestions to point me in the right direction, since I have been out of the Home Theater remote hunt for a long time.

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Bump - same boat, but coming from a TSU-2000. Are the Philips remotes still good? What about this iRule thing? If I picked up a cheap iPod Touch, how good is the battery life?
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Everything these days seems to be an activity based remote, which I can't stand, or a smart device based app, and I'm not into those things. I got a pronto TSU 7000 from eBay for $200 & looking forward to looking back!

You can find various flavors of prontos on ebay, the SW & remote works on Win 7 if you do it right, and spare batteries are readily available from Amazon. I really liked my Ts-1000 back in the day & enjoyecustomizingng it just the way I like it.
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The new Philips remotes are nothing like the Pronto.

Really, only URC is making highly customizable remotes with hard buttons at this point and they don't make it super accessible to consumers.(It is available as long as you find the right dealer)

If you don't mind the lack of hard buttons I think your best bet would be to look at one of the many iOS remote apps.
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There is also RTI, which is even more customizable than URC, and much better IMO, but even less accessible.
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So digging up this old thread to see if anything new is out there since its origination...

"Trying" to upgrade from a Philips Pronto TSU-7000. Really dont want to let go if it because I dont see anything out there close without ivesting a ton of time and then maybe not be viable.

So my Question:
Is there anything out there today even close to the old prontos as far as complete GUI designing?

Must be:
Customisable backgrounds
Customisable button images
Large Screen
Learnable (learn IR from other remotes)

Hard Buttons (full touchscreen is fine, but a few relevant would be nice)
Ipad or Android software. (dont mind, but has to be customisable as above.)
Community. (nice to have a community to share files and ideas (yes, I know about Remote Central (which is what leads me to belive there is nothing out there...))) :[

Any Ideas?
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