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Need a 12ft 32:10 screen...

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I need a very specific sized screen (12ft wide 32:10), so I think I am going to have to build it myself. My question - I imagine that much screen material and/or screen paint is going to be expensive, so I was thinking about alternatives... I know some people have achieved decent results with blackout cloth.. I was thinking of taking a trip to hobby lobby and buying a sample of different cloths/materials etc... Are there any unique/clever materials people have used to make their own custom movie screens? I find it hard to believe that these 'screen companies' have a monopoly on 'reflective material', there must be other stuff out there...

I was thinking glossy poster board maybe? Or do you think you would see the seems where two pieces meet (since there is no way I could find a 12ft piece of anything)? Sure it might look kinda ghetto with the lights on, but once a image is being projected I doubt you would be able to tell it was not a contiguous piece.

Thanks for any ideas

*BTW this is for a LG PA70G LED projector, if that matters.
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That size screen is insanely too large for a 700 lumen PJ for it to be any less than 1.4 gain. And that gain only garners you at best 11 Foot Lambert, which would be OK for a totally light controlled environment. ( absolutely Dark w / no Room surface reflections )

To that effect, you have three "DIY" choices:

Properly sized Black Out Cloth stretched across a very sturdy frame and primed / painted with S-I-L-V-E-R

2 Sheets of 8' x 48" x 6 MM Sintra Foam board cut to size and painted with S-I-L-V-E-R This application can be mounted directly to the wall with perimeter screws.

12' Sheet of Horizontal Grade "Designer White Laminate" mounted to a very sturdy Frame and painted with S-I-L-V-E-R

Beyond that, you could source yourself enough DaLite High Power Screen material....but that is going to be a much more expensive proposition than any of the aforementioned
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Sorry should have clarified, there are TWO projectors in this setup (hence the 32:10 aspect ratio). I have already tested on drywall, and the image is plenty bright enough when the light is controlled.

All of your solutions involved painting with 'silver'. How much is this stuff and where can I get it? I was really hoping for some outside the box solutions. Has nobody every tried using other materials/fabrics/posterboards? Does this kind of 'reflective' property really only exist in expensive screen paint?
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S-I-L-V-E-R ain't expensive...and in fact is one of the simplest of the High performance DIY Screen paint applications to obtain and mix. It does however require that it be spray applied, and the application requires between 8-9 extremely thin, "Duster' coats to allow a gradual build up of the highly reflective paint. It's not a "Snap your fingers once" kinda thing....but if you can snap your fingers to the right tune, it'll make you some beautiful music for your eyes.

Of course there are many other things you can try....but S-I-L-V-E-R is well proven to exceed the norms of accepted performance. And do it on a budget. and assured, if there were anything else in the realm of DIY Screen making could suggest ....I would.

But I can't because there just isn't any other choice so ideally suited for you far as your application is concerned.
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Having trouble finding this silver stuff, who makes it?

Also, what about BLACK screens? Seen some youtube videos of people using black (instead of white) screens?

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Originally Posted by avsforumun View Post

Having trouble finding this silver stuff, who makes it?
Also, what about BLACK screens? Seen some youtube videos of people using black (instead of white) screens?

Ha! How laughable! To think they'd show you a $3600.00+ Screen and expect the level of performance shown to be worth that.....? rolleyes.gif

Just look how markedly washed out the top of the BD Screen is than the bottom ! And they don't dare tell you how many Lumens they were putting up onto that little 84" screen.

Makes no difference though to you, avsforumun....unless your willing to spend over $6K for two screens.

Read these Threads.


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Ok those pictures are impressive, so where can I get this 'SILVER' paint? Is it just called "SILVER" (not finding it on google). And does it come in a spray can (I read using rollers can make for uneven coats)?
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S-I-L-V-E-R is a mixture of two paints (...note the hyphenation that denotes that S-I-L-V-E-R is a special DIY creation... ;

5% Liquitex Silver Metallic ( ...from Michaels Arts & Crafts locally or online)

95% Behr Faux Glaze (Home Depot)

You absolutely MUST spray this mixture on using the multiple coat "Duster" method. (7-8 coats)

Inexpensive Electric HVLP Sprayers:

The first one is the best deal at present. They were $39.00 2 weeks ago. frown.gif

This next one is a terrific outfit capable of doing almost any painting chore you could envision

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