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In-dash (head unit?) recommendation

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Hi, I am totally ignorant in the matter and have never bought equipment like this. I am not even sure I am using the correct terminology (In-dash, head unit, ??)

I want to purchase a unit for my truck but having trouble understanding what to get and what functionality is available, so I am going to list my needs here and hope someone can recommend something that'd work for me. I've read reviews elsewhere (Cruchtfield, etc) and it seems everything I read has negative reviews (even high price units).

Basically, I want a unit with decent radio features, quality DVD movie playback, and back-up camera. I don't need GPS navigation (I have garmins). I would appreciate a quality, responsive screen. I need to be able to bypass the lock so that DVD movies can play while driving (for passenger's viewing). We also have iPhones and iPods and would like nice integration with devices like these.

My truck is a 07 Toyota 4runner, and it seems to have a double DIN from the way it looks. I won't be changing speakers or anything, just want to replace the stock radio with one having the features above.

I'd really appreciate any feedback. Unit cost is not a problem for now.
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Honestly, options are going to be near endless for what you want. Stick to the main players as far as brands go and you shouldn't be disjointed. All of them can be bypassed to show video, things like a back-up camera are all going to be add-on pieces so almost all of them should support that.

You're going to want to go out and mess with them to figure out which one you like most as far as the interface goes because if you cant navigate it easily, there's no point in buying it.

Look at Alpine, Pioneer, Eclipse, and Kenwood. Cant really think of other brands but from those you shouldn't go wrong.

I have a used alpine w505 that i took out of my vehicle that does what your looking for, that if your interested in you can pm me about.

Get out there an mess around a bit though, even search craigslist and such. Most used units aren't going to be bad in my experience, but its ultimately going to fall on what your comfortable with.
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