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For which higher end URC (MX series) remotes can we obtain programming software ?

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I like the MX series remotes from URC based on what I can read online. Good ergonomics, quality, reliability, and flexibility.

Since I am an Electrical Engineer, I like to hack on stuff like this and want the ability to program the remote from a computer.

I am looking for a remote for which there are accessible databases of device codes and software with which a reasonably techy person that understands software can program on their own. I.e. end user programming software is available and there are publically available (or via registered user login) code databases.

I do not want a logitech remote, so please don't suggest that.

My primary question is which of the MX series of URC remotes is meets the above criteria ?

Secondary question: are there other high quality remotes that I should consider in the under $500 out the door price range that meet the above criteria ?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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They almost meet your critera. You'll have to do some digging to obtain the sofware since it isn't publicly available, and neither are the code databases. You'll most likely use pronto hex others have posted at remote central. JP1 fits your requirements exactly, but the remotes are nowhere near $500, more like $15. From one EE to another, with JP1 you'll be in remote hacking heaven. The software is fantastic and open source. The code database is open and continuously being added to. I have JP1 remotes that are still going strong after 10 years of constant use.
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I have had a MX-850 for several years and it is a good remote in most respects. The LCD is very legible, the hard buttons back light leaves a lot to be desired and you have to manually turn it on. The five charter limitation on the LCD is pain as well. My old Marantz 2000 MKII has superior button back lighting and turns on with any button press.

You will not find a online dealer for URC and you can not get the programing software online either. I purchased my MX-850 and MRF-250 base station from Surf Remote Control. You can check out your local dealers as well, just find one that can supply the product at a price you can live with and the software that has up-datable features.

I will most likely purchase a MX-980 and MRF-260 sometime in the near future. Has rechargeable battery and turns on with any motion or button press. AVS 980 thread here. For me, remote must be capable of doing macros with many steps.
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I got an MX-6000 with an MSC-400 and they came with the updating software. A dealer has the option of giving you the software, so I guess shop around. I bought mine used from an AVS member and he bought it from a dealer who gave him the software.
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Be aware of a problem with URC remotes and software. For instance the MSC-400 isn't compatible with 64 bit Windows. Recently I found out that you can't update the MX-980 using Windows 8 (x64, not sure about x32). The problem with Win8 is the Windows Mobile Device Center isn't compatible so you can't get a connection between the remote and the software.
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yet another reason that i hope my ancient xt lappy never dies... tongue.gif

as others have noted, the dealer can give you the software if he/she chooses to do so... mine did... what you will not get is technical support from urc... which i haven't found to be necessary...
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For anything in the MX series your dealer has the option of providing you the programming software. The software will give you access to the full URC code databases and will allow updates.

Given your background, price range and stated desires I would look at the MX-980 and the MX-1200. Both offer a decent programming flexibility.

The MX-780 and MX-880 are also great remotes but do not have quite as much flexibility. That being said, they are much easier to setup and configure due to their simplified design.
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