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$375 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
(4) KEF Q500

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have 4 q500 for sale if anyone is interested.

I bought 5 of them a year ago, 4 of them fell over nicking each one, a few minor scratches. It was my close friend who ran into them after a few too many drinks, we agreed that he would pay the difference in price from what I can get out of them and replacement cost. I am asking 375.00 plus shipping. Being KEF people im sure you know the 550.00 retail.


(4) Q500 Kef
Purchased 11/04/2012
Have receipt from authorized KEF distributor
2-3 inch scratch on one of the speakers the others have small dents
I can email any pictures needed.
Have all original the original boxes and packaging.