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Cheap sealed subwoofer

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Can someone point my in the right direction for this? I am looking at using a 10" or 12" sub-woofer for a mix of home theater and music use. I would like to keep the cost down as much as possible and still sound pretty good. I am looking at using a 250-500 watt plate amp. I have not decided on the woofer yet, so i am looking for suggestions on that as well.
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infinity reference 1262w, about $60 low cost.

alpine swr-12d2, about $120, but has about 50% more excursion and is a better driver.

a single 12" sealed isn't going to be too spectacular for home theater.
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Dayton DVC on sale for $99 would be really hard to beat if you're not limited to 12's.
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Go for the Dayton. The others will not be as satisfactory with movies.
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What size box eould i need for the dayton 15? Also are there any good plans for this build availabe? Would 250 watt amp be enough for this or would i need to go bigger?
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I'd go with an 18" cube if you want something small or bump it up to a 20" cube if you can fit that.
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Go ported if only using a single 12".
How about one of these http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=295-464
One of these http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=268-352
One of these http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-750 or this http://www.oaudio.com/300W_SUBAMP.html
in a 3.5-3.7 cu/ft box
If you want sealed go multiples of 2-4 subs or as said above a 15"or 18".
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I found a klipsch RW10 on craig's list for $50. Should I jump on this? There is a small tear in the woofer. I figure i can buy a woofer to replace it from parts express. I am not real sure i could even build a box for $50.
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While I can't comment on the price, I wouldn't buy it for the box. The driver may be easy to repair (get it air tight... I'd try craft glue with tape to clamp), but it's a ported box, so you'd either need a matching driver, or a plug in the port (make it sealed).

If you aren't aware, speaker acoustic characteristics are described by "Theil/Small" parameters. These parameters are all you need to predict a woofer's response in many applications, like ported boxes. That's what makes driver replacement problematic - matching T/S parameters. In sealed boxes, it's not a factor, thus the advice to plug the port.

As to the value, consider these flatpacks - a very good value for what you get!

Have fun,
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