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Need advice for a new projector...

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My 6 year old Panasonic PT-ax100u is getting tired and needs a new bulb along with internal cleaning. So I've decided to buy new instead of putting $$ into an older unit, however after cruising the PJ websites I'm more confused than ever. I have a dedicated Theater room with controlled (low) lighting and use a 92" Da-Lite pure white (no gain) screen. After all my research the unit I really wanted was the Mitsubishi 4000, however I HAVE to have a lens shift as my drop ceiling height is only 7 feet and the 4000 would shoot the picture too low. I was set on the Epson 8350 but I'm scared of the short bulb life issues I've read about. I then thought I would grab a BenQ W6000 but learned that they have discountinued that model. I then considered a Panasonic AR-100 but everything I've read says its too bright for a dark room.
I've recently been reading about the Acer 9500 which seems to have mixed reviews but it does have a lense shift which is a plus. Anyway, my budget is approx $1200 and I have no need (or use) for 3D and as stated a 92" white screen in a dark room so I'm open to any and all suggestions, thanks.
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You can grab the Epson 8700UB for 1399 at visual apex right now. Great black levels, 1080p,lens shift etc.
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The Acer only has mixed reviews pre-firmware update, but with the update it should be great. I just bought it myself and am looking forward to getting it. Good price going on it now.
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I've owned the Epson 8350 and Mitsubishi hc4000; currently I have the Acer. The Acer kills the Epson in most areas. Color accuracy otb might be a bit better on the Epson but not much in it. Black levels no contest, the Acer is much better. Motion handling and intra-scene contrast both heavily favour the Acer also. The Epson does have much better placement though.

If you're not rainbow sensitive and can fit the Acer in to your environment, it'd prove an excellent choice at current pricing.
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Dave does the Epson 8700 have any bulb issues like the 8350? Also I have looked at the Optoma hd20 and even though it has no lens shift I think I can make that unit work but I'm leaning toward the Acer right now. Thanks again guys for the input it really helps, I should also mention my primary use for the PJ is movies and HD programming, I'm not a gamer.
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Also PLC where did you find the Acer? You mentioned a good price, what was it?
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Newegg has it for $1199, but the coupon code expires on the 25th which has already expired or expires in a couple of hours if they are on the west coast.
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I haven't heard of any special bulb problems with the 8700 but you can check out the official thread in this forum.
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So here's where I'm at...I've pretty much settled on either the Optoma HD20 ( no lense shift but I can make it work) or the Acer 9500. I could probably consider the Optoma HD33 too but again I don't need or want the 3D but if the 2D performance is that much better than the HD20 I'd consider it. Currently I can pick up the HD20 for $849 and the 9500 for about $1200 to $1300 (comparable to the HD33). Anyone with any thoughts on any of these units? Thanks...
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