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It's been a while, and thanks for a useful forum. I need some advice regarding the placement of surround sound speakers in my basement. The system will be used mainly by my kids for Movies + TV + PS3 Games.

The basement / room is L-shaped, as shown in the picture below.

Here is the current setup for the room.

A: (Wall) = Computer Desk
B: (No Wall - just open space): Couch
C: (Wall): Empty
D: (Wall): 32" HDTV (with 2 speakers located in each corner of Wall D)
E: (No Wall - Empty Space): Couch
F: Back Wall
G: Entry to Utility Room

Given that the TV currently hangs on the "D" wall, I am not sure where to place the surround speakers. Theoretically, I can place them on each side of the couch on "E" section, but I have read that some of the sound will be absorbed by the empty space behind. I am open to switching things around a bit to accommodate the surround system, so long as it is all contained in the A to F space.

I will appreciate your advice regarding the appropriate placement of the speakers for this small surround system setup.

Equipment to be used are:

Receiver: Yamaha V373 (

Speakers: Yamaha NS-SP1800BL (

Thanks - PS