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Need advice on what to start with!!

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Good morning AVS Forums.

This is my first post and what I really need is advice on what to start with when I begin upgrading the setup I have at the moment.

Display: Pioneer PDP-435PE plasma screen
A/V receiver: Pioneer SVX-1015
Sub: Jamo E6 Sub
Speakers: 5 x Pioneer L-LF3-CR 130W 8 ohm
Sources: Sky + HD Box
Panasonic DMP-BD60 Bluray(modified to play all regions)
DVICO M-4100SH multimedia player

The room I have is about 14 X 10 feet. The ceiling height TV side is 12.4 feet backwall is 7.3. feet
Large wall is concrete and behind it is my garage, left side is concrete(neighbours living room on the other side), back wall is concrete(outside and right wall is wood with my living room on other side.

I am planning on getting a projector in the near future and an electric screen so I can choose between.

This setup is mostly used for watching TV and movies.

I am located in Iceland and here we don´t have a lot of variety regarding equipment. I plan on getting most of my stuff through Amazon.com and have it sent to a few pilot friends in the US and they will bring it to me when ever possible. The prices here are insane, at least double and sometimes even more.

I am in the position that everything I would need to buy would be unseen(projector) and unheard(speakers) because I can not check out a lot of the items I am thinking about so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have been messing around with google sketch up and this i what I have come up with so far.


My thought is that I would start with upgrading my receiver(thinking about Pioneer Elite SC-65 (or something in that range)

and then get a projector and screen.


If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

The speakers would be later but I have some in mind.





Any info/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Really!!!!!! No one has any suggestions???????
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2 problems. First, this is a very open ended question with a lot of room for opinions and religious zeal.

More importantly, this forum is about the room itself. Although we do sometimes discuss equipmennt as part of the room, you are more likely to get answers here about wall color, acoustic treatments, carpeting, etc.
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Ok thanks, maybe I should break this up and put in other forums???
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