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Speaker purchase

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I've got a couple of questions about setting up a stereo/home theatre system. Right now I've got 20+ year old Pioneer speakers that came with a rack system. I'm looking at upgrading to the Polk RTI A9s, or maybe the RTI A7s. If I do the 9s, then I would buy bookshelf speakers to go with it. If I do the 7s, I think I could afford 4 of them. They'll be powered by a Pioneer VSX-1019AH-k and the room is about 17'x17' with a vaulted ceiling. My concerns are that the 9s might be too big, but conversely, the 7s wouldn't be big enough.

I've also been using my TV as the center channel in a 6.1 setup. I'm thinking with the upgrade of the speakers, that that is not a good idea anymore.

Thanks for the inputs.

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If music is an important part of what you'll be using this system for then get the larger front L/R speakers.
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