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First HT Sub JBL GT5-12 tuned to 18hz

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Hi so i took the plunge a few months ago to build my very first ht sub, i was using a in box home theater sub from my first system Onkyo this sub will now move to the room with its speaker and amp. I would like to thank Graham over at HT Shack for his help and the overall finish i took from Antti from Finland no pun intended. The overall size of the box is 26" x 26" 22" (660 x 660 x 559) and 5.6 cu ft. At this size it was designed for 20hz but Graham said i could get as low as 17-18hz. I also bought a Behringer EP2000 and a Reckhorn B2. On the EP2000 i done the fan mod which makes a world of a difference in the beginning my wife was like that is louder than your sub and its quite irritating now with it done we really enjoying the movies. I am running the sub off a Onkyo TX-NR708 and with Jamo S608 Hcs 3, a 5.1 for now but will be upgraded to a 7.2 once we return home.

With no further stalling here is the build:

I was excited to get my wood, but with us not having a car here in Geneva this was not a fun task to collect, luckily it was all cut so i used my trusty biggrin.gif IKEA trolley to bring the wood home.

My work station area well very small balcony tongue.gif

The brace

Just thought i will show my view from my work station tongue.gif, it is Mont Blanc

Some more building and a bit that snapped on me while routing just glad it got stuck in the wood

I found this nifty dowel set and used it for my port lip instead of screw.

The port and the sign i got made for the sub end design, was measuring to see if it fits needed to drill holes in the back port board to get a flush mount.

Then a package arrived from the men in brown :-), nothing fancy like most of you guys but as this was my first DIY project did not want to spend to much and not be happy with the end project. O my soldering iron was broken so i improvised with my Creme Brulee torch it worked like a charm biggrin.gif

Next step covering box in leather, when we get back home to S.A. i will buy a thicker leather as this is to thin and shows all the joints and lines.

More pics tomorrow
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Comin along great! I used the GT5-10's in a car setup & they sounded pretty good for a very reasonably priced sub! For the size & price point, they were well worth it.... I'm sure you'll have the same result in a home set-up. Box design looks good! For a first HT Sub build, keep it up! smile.gif
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I can't wait to hear how this works for you. I have been thinking one of these in each corner of my room. Wonder what ports would be needed if they where round. I too whant a 18-19hz tune. Good luck. It looks great so far.
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These are really nice subs for the money, I have 12 of them in three large ported boxes, and its more then I ever use. They have an Xmax of 14mm and a Xmech of close to 24mm so if you can use a 6" port it would be idea to prevent port compression. It seems to be that this sub is very similar to the Infinity 1262 reference driver, very similar design.
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Hey guys thanx for the comments, @homeboy I have 1 and I'm nervous that something is going to come loose in the apartment or I would get the dreaded nock on the door to say your music is too LOUD, I don't even want to think what is going on in your home, also I have a long port measurements are 20.5" x 1.4"

@Sully, the one I have us rocking my room the wife complains its to loud, we have 2 listen levels -40db for when I watch a movie with her and between -20db to -10db when I'm alone and at those volumes I'm still nervous someone is going to complain even at -40db.

@GTI, thanx I really enjoyed building it but just wish I had more space as er the reason I am only building its brother once we gat back home.

Also this is not for a dedicated room it is in our normal lounge so I will only be adding 1 more, having four in your room Sully I think you will be more than happy and for the price factor well worth it. I am not sorry I started with these all I need to do now is understand how to measure and work with REW
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Instead of getting new leather, put wood filler on your joints and sand smooth. Without doing that, you may still get the problem with thicker leather.
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So how does it do with some of the popular torture test? If you really get on it I mean like -15 and maybe 3 db hot. Does it start to give up. I have a Ed A2-300 and I really need more. It complains too much on the really low stuff. So I guess the question is how does it do down around 17-20hz . Have you measured your response. Thanks for your help.
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Hi Sully unfortunately i downloaded REW but dont have a mic but was thinking of using my audessy mic rolleyes.gif hope it works not sure but also then need to figure out how to use REW as well. I will check tomorrow in the day if i have any issues which movie did you use maybe i got it and scene.

@Looney, thanx i will do that i did not move with my sander so will do that to both boxes and recover both with the new material.
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Here is the fan mod this was the easiest part from this whole experience biggrin.gif

Opened and the old fan out

New fan going in and getting ready to close

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Here its all closed and very quiet, with where the dails are on the B2 does it look correct or is it all depending on what Audessy says when setting up to get to the right volume.

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Here im busy glueing the perspex to the wood and my stylish weight system.

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Here its done glue is dry and a size comparison to the previous Onkyo subwoofer.

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Here is the completed subwoofer biggrin.gif

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This is my JBL sign i got made and this is the subwoofer i used for my design.

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WOTW pods coming up. Mine chuffs and farts like crazy at 3 db hot and -18 on the reciever. Also polor express when the train pulls up. When it is coming to a stop it pushes out some chugs that give mine hell. Thanks for the help. I am leaning towards 1 in each corner of my room I am just worried if they will put out the low end I am looking for.
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Polar express I don't have yet but want to get it, WOTW I have which I watched only the first 20 min and don't remember the movie to well more or less where o they come in time stamp or chapter thanx smile.gif
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also when rex comes out at the begining of toy story 3
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Wotw Pods and crazy LFE is from 20 to 30 min in.
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Hi Sully
I tested the scene at +3db and at -18 then again at -10 and my sub is not totally worked in yet maybe only 4 movies now at that volume, but I had no funny feed back or distortion I tried other scenes as well and it was handling its own. Hope this helps, I also ran a 10-19hz signal through and I could start hearing and feeling sound from about 17hz. I really need to measure it and see what I get. But must say I enjoyed listening and watching the movie gives a whole new perspective on watching movies. What a difference one little item can do well not so little biggrin.gif. Sully what I would say is build one then listen to it and take it from there as for me I am very happy with what this beast can do but will say this I know it needs a brother.
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Thanks for all your help. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate it. This and other people have helped me decide to most likely go with these drivers.I hope to do 4 if these but not sure how soon I cab get them. Gotta sell my subs I have and go from there. Thanks again.
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Im not too up on that amp. What kind of power are you sending your gt5-12?
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Sorry for late reply, I have a Onkyo tx-nr708, with a Berhinger ep2000 and a reckhorn b-2, how is your project coming along do you have thread yet
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I was able to get 3 more amps that match the one in my a2 300. So I got that covered but it might be a couple more motsa before I can order the drivers and supplies. Can't wait to have four of these in my room.
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So how much power is going to the sub you just built.
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The Onkyo is rated at 110w/ch, and the behringer is 2000w if I remember properly its 1000w/ch. Please when you start your build let me know and post your thread in mine.
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I will try. I get going and forget to take the time to document the process. I won't be sending mine the kind of power you are but hope that with four it will sound ok. You must have to have your gain turned down quite abit.
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