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Isn't it (for the RW-12d 24hz +/-3db?)
No, it's 24-120Hz +/-3dB. That is to say, at a given test level of output, the sub plays "flat" (i.e., with a variance of no more than +/-3dB) from 24Hz to 120Hz.

At 24Hz, the sub is down by 3dB from that test level of output - in other words, 24Hz @ -3dB. (Same thing applies to the roll-off at 120Hz.)

To list the extension figure as 24Hz +/-3dB is to imply that, at 24Hz, the sub could be down by 3dB or up by 3dB from the test level of output. AFAIK, the latter is highly unlikely.
Whatever, it's a wash, and I like the Klipsch better with out a doubt.
Fair enough. smile.gif
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