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Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I've been away. I don't think you need to get heartburn. It's a very nice HT room. The high ceiling is great. I'd just get some blackout curtains and give it a go without repainting the ceiling. Or temporarily cover the window with newspaper for testing purposes. It will also block the light and have the added benefit of making the neighbors think you're setting up a crack house. smile.gif
Also, if you're concerned about having a long dropdown attachment to a ceiling mount, perhaps you could just mount the projector to the opposite wall with a kind of shelf mount. I'm sure someone here has experience with that kind of installation and could offer some suggestions.
A lot of us have converted our home theater enthusiasm into a hobby/obsession, so we might tend to make these things seem more complicated than they are (in our quest for anal-retentive perfection.) In fact, setting up a projector these days isn't much more complicated than setting up an old slide projector. Just experiment a bit with placement before you lock in your final installation.

Thanks for your comforting comments :-)
Did exactly that. Bought extension type mount and works work and I get to keep my fan in place :-)
Curtains are on their way. Tested in dark conditions and its all good. I agree with you, the current generation PJs provide so much flexibility in placement.
I have posted my first had experience. Feedback welcome!
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New to Projectors - Looking for "Movie" - 2.35 to 1 solution -

I currently have a Samsung 65" LCD/LED panel (a good panel!) that I use as my primary TV in my man cave. It's great for sports and 3D. BUT!!! 2.35 movies are really lacking. I lose 8 inches (black bars) on height making my effective picture 25 1/2" High by 59 1/2" Wide. Not cutting it.

I've attached a drawing showing my room limitations. Here is what I am trying to accomplish without breaking the bank:

(1) Find a reasonable ($1K or under - or even used (Craigslist) if it makes sense) projector that I will leave in 2.35 mode all the time strictly for movies.

(2) A DIY screen? Pull down? I'll probably need an acoustic screen since it will cover my existing L/R speakers. My thought was to have a screen that pulled down in front of my LCD/LED TV for movies (2.35 to 1) only and everything else is watched on my Sammy 65".

(3) With my room limitations - - 153" wide - 12 ft., 9" - viewing distance 10 to 11 feet from screen - - my thoughts were to look at a standard 45 X 80 screen and mask it for movies. I did think about getting rid of the "fake" window on the wall and mounting my LED/LCD to that wall - - but that will require a tear out and another installation expense and I still have the same room limitations AND would have to raise the screen to at least 37" or 38" from the ground to clear the speakers.

Is this doable? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

P.S. - you'll get a kick out of this. I called one of the higher end dealers in town (I live in Colorado - Denver Metro Area) - and before I could get a couple words out - - he was pitching a $10K Wolf projector. Uh, sorry - - not me sir....

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