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Recommendations for New Speakers

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This will be my first home theater/music system that I have built and want to do it right from the beginning, so I would appreciate some suggestions on some nice speakers (I want them to perform well with HT and music).

First off I recently purchased a Denon AVR-1613 for $265 on black friday. Seemed to be a great deal to me and had all the features that I wanted/needed. One spec that I wasn't quite so sure on was the 75 watts per channel. Will this be enough power to drive some nice speakers?

Just from some reviews and the price point I am looking at the Infinity Primus line of speakers (the P363 towers, PC351 center, and P163 bookshelves for surrounds). I was able to listen to the towers at Frys, but the setup was less than ideal (so IMO it was like not being able to listen to them at all). They did have the Klipsch RF-62s and I liked them, but obviously they are a couple hundred more per speaker (the setup/room was much more ideal for a better listening experience). So I know I liked the Klipsch speakers, but do not really have anything to compare them to yet. The only stores I have access to are Best Buy and RC Willey's. Does anyone else have any suggestions for tower speakers that have a nice matching center? My price point is around $1,000 for the towers and center (I'll add surrounds later).

Also, I have my eye set on the HSU VTF-2 MK4 sub.

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There is a deal I would highly recommend to you, but it is TODAY ONLY!!! (and online only)

The KEF iQ90 speakers, which were $1500 per pair, are on sale TODAY ONLY at the KEF DIRECT website for $660 per pair. They are WORTH $1500 per pair....

These are about 1000% better than the speakers you mentioned, especially for music. Comparing these to those other speakers is about like comparing a BMW 5-series to a Ford Fiesta...lol.

The KEF C6LCR center speaker sells for $269 and will match them very nicely.

The Denon receiver will work very nicely with them.

I wouldn't want to miss out on this deal if I were in your position; it is a chance to get some VERY fine speakers at a superb price.

These speakers have a rated sensitivity of 91 db per watt at 1 meter; this is very good.

I had a set of iQ9 speakers in one system at my old house, before I sold it, for several years, and they were excellent. The iQ90 is very similar; slight improvements. I ran them with a 50-watt NAD amplifier, by the way, and that was way more power than required.

The thing you want to avoid with that receiver are speakers with a sensitivity of 88 db per watt or lower; that would be a BAD match for your receiver!
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The reviews look pretty awesome on those KEF iQ90's and at half price... might have to pick 'em up! Thank you for the recommendation!
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KEF has been one of the top speaker manufacturers in England for over 50 years; very fine products. You can't go wrong...and that IS one hell of a deal!
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I'm liking what I'm reading about KEF. What would you recommend for surrounds with the iQ90's?





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For a complete 5-channel system, I would probably go with the iQ10 and C6LCR center speaker
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If you are going to be primarily Home Theater (TV / Movie) then I'd recommend buying the best book shelves you can get and pair with a nice sub. Although I have Paradigm Studios for my main system, I did try out some Ascend bookshelves and thought they were nice. Get 3 of those and your fronts & centers are matched.
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