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Help with a difficult room

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Haven't been on the forums in a while, guess I no longer have access to my old email so can't guess my old account, but I guess that's neither here or nor there.

I just moved into a new home and need some suggestions on how to arrange a budget home theater. As you can see in the pictures below, the room is NOT ideal. The viewing wall has a door in the middle of it (leads to my office), and there is another door (front door of the house, but rarely used) on the wall to the right. I plan to just keep it a 2.1 setup (NHT SB3 bookshelves + NHT SW10mkII powered by an NAD C352). The TV is a 42" LG LED LCD currently mounted to a single axis bracket. I have a ~90" 16:9 DIY fixed screen that I plan to hang from hooks in the ceiling on movie nights.

My question is mostly regarding mounting/placement of TV, speakers and what to do about my components. I'm a bit OCD, so I'll put my questions in list format.

  1. Should I move the TV closer to the door? It's currently "centered" on that wall. Or, should I buy a mount that can pull it away from the wall and in front of the door when I want to (like this)?
  2. Should I wall mount the bookshelf speakers? I was thinking of using these but not sure how well they will handle my SB3 (weigh 16lbs).
  3. Biggest question: What kind of component rack should I use for my amp/preamp/dvd player/turntable/apple TV? They are currently hiding in the unused fireplace lol, but that's far from ideal.

Thanks everyone!

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In this situation, I would use a TV mount that can be used in the corner. That way the perpendicular line of sight from the tv is to the center of the room.Then the right speaker can be placed between the TV and door jamb and the left speaker either in front of the FP or on the mantle. And if on the mantle, then mount the left at the same elevation. 16lb should not be a problem for those mounts.

Any type of cabinet could go along the front wall between the FP and door.
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