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New Audio Setup Integrating Old Equipment

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So I made this thread a while ago, but things have changed and I wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen, but I have decided to start piecing things together over the next few months and want to seriously look at getting a new system, especially for when I move. Old thread here.

First, I'll list what audio equipment I have and what research I've done about it:

2x Crystal Audio THX-10 (4 ohm) (120w) subwoofers
2x Acoustic Research TSW-610 (4 ohm) (175w) speakers
2x Advent Mini Advent (40-120?w) (6 ohm) speakers
2x Advent Baby Advent II speakers (50w RMS) (6 ohm) speakers
2x Acoustic Research TSW-110 (75w)
Epicure M4 Pre-amp
2x Epicure M1 Amp (125w per channel RMS in 8 ohms, though I read they are pretty underrated)
2x Nakamichi (S-1A?)
Aiwa TS-W60 Subwoofer

I have some other stuff, but it mostly contains an old receiver, equalizers, cd player/tape deck, etc. - stuff that I won't (and don't need to) use and will likely get rid of. All of this was my father's old gear. Before he passed, he wanted to have the setup he had/heard back in the 70s/80s and it consisted of the Epicure M1s + M4 and the AR speakers (I believe) specifically. Currently I have it setup where I have the 2 Sony speakers setup on just a 2.0 setup running off one amp and the preamp (output from my PC). I had the 2 floor standing AR speakers and the 2 bookshelf AR speakers setup and running before this, but I wanted a change and after actually doing research on the specifications wasn't sure if that was a good idea because of impedance or not.

My plans: Right now I am still living at home with parents, but am planning on moving within the next few months when I finish school here. After that, I'll have my own home theater setup started and hopefully finished soon enough. I listen to a lot of music, at the very least an hour a day on my home system, but also a lot in my car (which I have a nice system already, so I got that part covered!). When I'm not, I'm usually playing videogames on my PC, which I have a 7.1 headset for that sounds good for games to me (Logitech G930). However, I also have a PS3 that I do play games on and watch Blu-rays on. Most of the audio, at least currently, is fed through my PC at the moment however. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop, harder rock, some acoustic stuff, and just a bit of everything once in a while.

I want a 5.1/2 or 7.1/2 surround environment for my main room with my TV/PS3/PC (sometimes) and a 2.1 environment for my music listening. I guess I could use the 5.1 sound for my PC, but as I currently see it, I'll likely have the PC in a different room. Probably want at least 4 HDMI ports, more if possible. I am wanting one with pre-outs so I can use the M1s as power, as I'm told those will have better power than any receiver under $2k or so (BS? I don't know). I'm not set on keeping my speakers, and know for surround at least I'll need to get some possibly different ones for center and such. I'm open to an upgrade of all speakers as money allows, and I've been looking at/pricing different Klipsch and Polk speakers on Newegg (I like Klipsch and just see Newegg ALWAYS has deals on Polk).

For reference, I've looked at recievers such as the Onkyo 717 + 818, Pioneer SC-1222k and 1122k, and the Yamaha RX-V773WA.

Open to suggestions and discussion for sure. I know the amps are sought after, as I've had messages about buying them (two from when I first joined another website), but if it makes sense I'd like to keep them both because they have sentimental value and they are nice looking/cool pieces.

Thanks all!
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Can anyone provide some insight? Is this in the right section?
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