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Have been looking for a 2.1 HTiB such as the CineMate and perhaps the Paradigm Shift Millenia CT. I am confused a bit about exactly what DTS-ES, and DTS-HD is and how that is related to the CineMate not being able to process that "sound" vs PCM. I'm sure it's much too technical for me but just wondering if all 2.1 systems are in the same boat. Also, how do these systems handle 3D or rather the sound associated with 3D. We have a Panasonic 50 inch 3D set. Not able to do a larger system so just looking for a smaller system that will be better than the TV speakers.
We watch a lot of movies and sports and are kinda bummed at the thought of not having improved sounds if we choose to watch dvd on our blue ray.

Thanks for input on the technical question and would also be interested in any system thoughts.