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Hey guys so i am looking to get a sound system which i will use for nearly all music, and maybe would like to hook up to the tv for occasional movies or xbox.. but for the most part i am in college and looking for a system which can get loud. i am not worried about noise complaints i live in the country far away from my neighbors. I love bass and have been shopping around but cant seem to pull the trigger on a system i would like to keep everything under 600 but lower would be great. i was not looking for surround sound either 2.1 or 2.1. I currently have the logitech z623 computer speaker system and want something that would blow this out of the water.

So far i have decided that the harman kardon hk 3390 receiver would be the best through my research. ($180)

when it comes to mains i was nearly set on a set of cerwin vegas i found on craigslist they are the e-312's but i was worried they would not have enough bass with only 80 watts ($225)

so i looked further and have had a hard time deciding between the bic f12 and the polk psw505 (seems like they are both great subwoofers for the price ($190))

If i get the powered sub i am left with less about 100-200 dollars left i was looking at getting either infinity beta bookshelves, polk monitor 50's, sony ssf5000's or anything i can find used on craigslist. could someone let me know what you think? i want to get equipment that i will not want to have to continuously upgrade. I would also like something that when its not a friday/saturday night i can listen to at sane levels and it will still sound good (my concern with the cerwin vegas)