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PLZ help for local paint application mix .....

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hello every one

last few days i was trying to bring DIY paint solution - but it turns out to be wrong !!
the transparent coating ( 10% color mixed with clear ) didn't work out well ..
but i got my lesson ( its not all about shade but the pigments that plays a big factor for contrast )
.. and thanx a lot to MR MississippiMan with all helps smile.gif
but am still not done with chameleon idea ( very expensive ) tongue.gif

anyways lets get to the point
I got LG PA70G projector ( I bought it yesterday - until then )
92" diagonal for my room set up - about 9 foot viewing distance
white ceiling and light colored walls - not a complete ambient lights control
very smooth screen
painting method ( spray )

here is the options that i have with the SF v2 theory ( since any liquid shipments not allowed on my country mad.gif )
I found one store selling arts paints ( lucky me tongue.gif ) which is from Pébéo company
the mixture is going to be this way ( just saying )
I more understand with ml not oz ( sorry )

1- 400ml pebeo acrylic gray
2- 200ml pebeo acrylic Iridescent Silver ( 200ml only or maybe less - coz sensitive to sparkles )
3- 200ml enamel matte dove gray ( exterior walls paint )
4- 300ml auto clear ( top coat )
5- 500ml Filtered water
* no color components - do i need pebeo acrylic gold !!!

NOW in which order i hv to start mixing first
i was thinking about :

1- mix water and clear
2- mix pebeo gray and silver
3- mix part 1 with part 2
4- and last enamel mix with all
** if needed to balance the final paint viscosity ( after all 4 steps above done )
I can use water&clear mixture ( adding ) for smoother spraying ( more like milk viscosity )

*** of course after priming and sanding takes its place then mixture spraying desire coats

any help
all appreciated in advance biggrin.gif
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What country do you reside in?

I would not make any paint purchases until we thoroughly review your options and material availability.
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Gulf - Oman

well nothing special Sir ... I used to be a painter long time ago !! ( more like pipe lines painter ) biggrin.gif
and in my place of work there is a painting work shop .. so i can work it out with all priming - sanding - spraying ...etc

1- the acrylic arts paint i stated ( gray and silver )
2- enamel flat paint ( dove gray ) it can be from ( Jotun paints - Sadolin paints - Berger Paints - Asian paints ) most of construction/building/decorative paints )
i stated on exteriorwalls paint for better quality applications
3- Minwax Polycrylic i been digging around for something close - all i came up with gloss or matte clear from ( Jotun paints - Sadolin paints - Berger Paints - Asian paints )
i thought about cars finish coat ( clear ) would be better then those normal one .

and yah the screen is more like cheap Asian fix frame ( super smooth )

anyways all i need some little hints to work it out ( am expert painter ) wink.gif
i knew its not easy to figure out the matching SF combination with the materials i stated like that !!
no way i give you a hard time Sir
all i need something at least better then just easy gray application ( simple theory ) and i will handle the rest ...
I will be doing some samples before i got the final best mixture for my room setup .

I am grateful to you
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well alright i have done some tests ...
alot better then the sample i used before ( matte water based gray mixed with little aluminum oil base - brush application )

anyway here is the best combination i could come out for my room setup :

1- 20ml pebeo gray
2- 20ml pebeo silver ( maybe little more like 23/25ml )
3- 10ml water base matte dove gray
4- normal water - i cant remember how much but getting it applicable with soft brush
5- no clear or spraying yet

* the water base matte dove gray i bought it long time a go .. so i just used it for testing
until i buy the best matte enamel around.frown.gif
I knew the enamel will play the viscosity and the spraying assistance reliability with the clear smoothing and combining water and oil mixture !!!

the only thing left is the choice of good clear ( Minwax Polycrylic alternative )
and i thought about the auto finish clear !!!! ( the amount of 1/4 from total mixture ) and what should i go matte or gloss finish ?
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thanks god .. i found something like - Rustoleum Metallic Accents – White Pearl
i did test it out
like ;
1- 20ml pebeo gray
2- 20ml pebeo silver
3- 20ml white pearl
4- 10ml water base gray

its little better then the last test !!

now am doing the second round ( more like SV theory ) .. waiting for dry up to compare

1- 20ml pebeo silver
2- 20ml white pearl
3- 10ml water base gray

i just have to deal with the right clear ..
i need to dig around !!!
i feel matte clear will do somehow the job ( sensitive to sparkle )
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the best result i got - using SF v2 theory biggrin.gif
.. i work it out with :

1- 400ml pure pearl ( like Metallic Accents , but its whitish .. so i control it with pebeo black acrylic )
2- 400ml pebeo acrylic silver
3- 200ml enamel matte dove gray
4- 300ml clear ( i used auto gloss finish - it makes the mixture smoother and harder )

and here are the steps after priming and sanding the board - last cleaning
( all steps done with paint mixer and spray gun application )

1- mix pure pearl & pebeo acrylic silver together with filtered water ( keep adding water until its like milk viscosity )
2- mix the enamel matte dove gray with clear
3- mix part (1) with part (2)
4- add little pebeo black ( i got so many shade samples test done my self last 2 days - so i go little by little with black until i hit the right shade which suits my room setup )
5- use the mixer seriously for best final mixture
6- filter the mixture on the spray pot
7- do your desire coats number .. but not less then 4 ( i go 6 )

If 4 coat system you can go every 30m 1 coat - the third and final coat can be done next day
.. very soft sanding and cleaning before the last 2 coats
** sanding with thinnest grid and cleaning should be done with soft cloth ( touch cleaning )

*** I do not recommend any application - you are with your own - what i stated is what works well with me - since no SF materials !!!

anyways .. big thanks to SF v2 team ( MississippiMan smile.gif )

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Not bad, my Friend. Through evaluation of posted criteria and your own experimentation you seem to have reached a point where most every DIY'er aspires to be. A Happy Place with a Happy Ending. biggrin.gif
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Credit goes to you first my friend smile.gif
and every body should be grateful to you on DIY paint screen , with helps and sharing your high experienced paint solution ..

I can buy MFG screen .. but its not about money, its about desire and challenge to achieve goals and comfort of what you have made
All this makes the screen better and more expensive than any other screens ( and it does and ....never ending story biggrin.gif )

am really happy and the results just awesome smile.gif

thanks again and again master

CHEERS biggrin.gif
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