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Advice on new screen options

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What I've got:
- 12x18 room with good light control, though I'd like to build in some tolerance for low ambient light
- Planning seating at 12 & 17 feet
- Guessing screen size around 100-110 (gives me 20" or so top and bottom, 48" center)
- Viewsonic Pro8200, planning to mount it at 14'
- Almost all the ingredients for RS-MaxxMudd 2.1 (have to find the Rustoleum, HD no longer carries it)
- Refurb Graco HV2900 on the way

What I haven't worked out exactly is what I should do for the construction of the screen. I told the builder not to texture that wall, but they did anyway and then sanded it off when I mentioned the oversight. So it's not super smooth. It's been primed with something white-ish, I don't know exactly what. Can I smooth it enough to paint directly on the wall with good results, or do I need to plan on locating a supersize sheet of MDF or something else similar to work with? I'm not leaving this house for at least 5 years, probably 10, so portability is not a concern. Also -- aside from being basically white, is there a particular reason for choosing one primer over another?

Thanks for your help!
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If it's just primed, I'd get the Builder back there and make it his responsibility to re-skim the wall with drywall compound, sand it, and re-prime it for you.

You can go ahead and do the sanding yourself using a medium grit Large Sanding sponge, but since you paid for someone else to do it "right", I'd get at least a little huffy and demand that they make it right.

But that's me...and I'm a veritable terror child with recalcitrant Builders and Contractors who don't do as they are instructed to do, and then expect it to be "acceptable".
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