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If you want to compare measurements


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Originally Posted by emcdade View Post

Not yet. In the coming month I'm going to put a 40 system head to head with GE Aon3 system and let the best man win. Your setup looks fantastic, though I'm leaning toward the FX 2's for surrounds instead.

FX 2's Ahh Yes Those are awesome! Please let me know how they play with the Martin Logans **If you decide to go with them! Im rooting for the 40's to win!

Let me know !
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Time to report back.

The Martin Logan's won, hands down. The sound is so gorgeous, and an amazingly huge soundstage. 2ch stereo feels three dimensional. I have the 40's with a 30 center channel, and Motion 15 surrounds are on the way.

Paired with a Pioneer Sc-37, the speakers feel very dynamic for home theater. I've been using room EQ for movies but I prefer no EQ and no sub for music. Trust me when I say the bottom end of the 40's is certainly not lacking.

Enough already, I listened to tons of speakers but none had the same wow factor and build quality at this price point.
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Hi all,

This was such a great thread to read!  I am currently in the middle of considering ML versus B&W to round out my system.


Essentially I have a Meridian 561 Processor and a Meridian 557 2 channel amplifier powering 2 Martin Logan Clarity's.  The amp bit the dust back in March and my local audio repair store finally quit trying to fix it after 6 months (Meridian no longer supports their amplifiers).  SO, because I want to add surround speakers to get 5.1 (and eventually 7.1) I am looking at speakers.


This week I purchased a Denon AVR-X4000 to replace the Meridian's and it is coming in a few days.  A little concerned about powering the Clarity's but it seemed to be the best choice from receivers power-wise for the money.


First question: What do you think about the Denon sound processing capabilities as compared to a 17 year old Meridian processor?  If I were to continue using that I would need to find a 5 channel amplifier with minimum 200 watt / channel output, and those get VERY pricey so to me this seemed like a decent trade-off.


Second, adding speakers.  Looking at the Motion 30 center, Motion 15s for rear, Motion 4s for rear high, and Dynamo 7 for sub.  OR B&W CMCC center, CM1 rear, and then Motion 4 / Dynamo 7 again for same placement.  There's only a $200 price difference between the 2 setups. 


My space is a condo so the ML's seem to lend themselves a little better size wise.  Any concerns around having an ESL paired with B&W in terms of sound?


Good to see emcdade loves his Motion's!

Thanks all!

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Seems like old thread, but interestingly I was looking for a pair of towers and final list was Motion 40, RX6, NHT Zero Towers and CM9 in the same order. Ruled out PSB Image, Paradigm Monitors and Aperion Fortes / Verus. Still wondering why replace the RX6 with either of your listed choices, they are in the same league and class.
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Well some might say that it's the brand and others are about the speakers them selves. Personally for me the CM9's are not bright enough and they are not up to my hearing standard. Again sound is subjective even talking about what is loud is subjective. However, i prefer the Martin Logan's they have a beautiful clear sound gorgeous mid's and thunderous low's. I'd recommend to go check out the speakers and make your own audio comparison! 


Hope this helps! 

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